basic income

  1. vazaki3

    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dash coin(ver 2)

    The old thread is locked, so I repost here for us to continue talking about this important issue. Recent news. Basic income in Germany.
  2. demo

    Breaking News: An MNO operator defunds both getfreedash and Governance Analytics.

    An MNO operator defunds both Getfreedash and Governance_Analytics, at the same time! Watch the graph of both project of @Dashmaximalist and @DashNexus: In the meantime Dash...
  3. F

    Global Universal System(GUS) for global basic income

    Looking for suggestions and comments for my GUS project built on the concepts of basic income + social business + IT blockchain + sharing economy + meritocracy + open source under a global cryptocurrency platform. Interested parties please refer to link for more details. Aim is to solve poverty...
  4. demo

    call to all new dash members. Do not accept the old guard confiscate all coins

    This is a call to all dash members, and especially the new ones. 6.000.000 dash have been mined until now, whithin 2 years. This means that the generation of 2014-2016 owns at least the one third of dash coins! Is this the digital coin of the future? What the generation of 2054 will think about...