1. X

    []Safe place to buy Baikal miner in Europe | Gaint X,B,N

    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you Baikal Europe shop. Few weeks ago I thought - There is no safe place to buy Baikal miners in Europe. Only some scam sites and individuals selling miners with ridiculous price. So thats reason why was created. Our goals is to create safe and...
  2. S

    WTS [] - Baikal giant X10,B for sale

    Baikal giant X10 - 6300USD Baikal giant B - 6500USD Price not include shipping For more: Contact: [email protected]
  3. K

    Baikal Miners

    Hello, We have created a group of Baikal Miners owners where we can share information, solve problems that occur or sell and buy machines. It is difficult to contact baikal support and solve the problem right away. There is also a lot of threads in the forums, but it is impossible to read and...
  4. X

    Baikal giant X10 best pool/algo

    Hi guys, If you allready received giant X10 - What mining pool/algo are you using ? Share your experience.
  5. mrearthbound

    WTS Selling 4 Baikal Giant A900 Miners

    Hello forum, I'm selling 4 Baikal Giant A900 miners. They have ~4 months of use and work fine. One of them has the internal power supply that powers the pi not delivering enough current, so I had to power it through the GPIO pins and using a 5V adapter, but other than that it's fine. I'm...
  6. A

    WTS [] Buy Mining Hardware Buy new and used mining hardware We are selling new and used miners. Note: All miners are 100% working before shipping. Currently We have: New/Pre-order: Antminer D3 (pre-order) Antminer L3+ (in stock) Innosilicon A5 (pre-order) Baikal Giant+ A2000 (in stock) Used...
  7. D

    Baikal influencing bitcointalk to remove my post

    It is strange that i got below notification that my post was removed for just entering "Agreed", moreover when i try to reply the message sender i was told that 'your message is blocked and i cannot send them message' Why is my posted removed why i just agreed to another members analysis by...
  8. JasonHan

    WTS 3 or 4 more Giant A900 for sale on upcoming Wednesday!

    Sup guys, Just wanted to post an update. We sold out on all of the Giants and getting a few more in this upcoming Wednesday (May 3rd) Or maybe a day or two earlier if we're lucky. One is already reserved (paid) and have 2 or 3 left so if you're interested, I can reserve them if you pay in...
  9. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal Giant A900 for mrearthbound.

    Starting a new thread to see if this will work for the feedback system on this forum. @mrearthbound
  10. JasonHan

    WTS 5 Baikal Giant A900 available to sell.

    Hey guys, Just got an update from my distributor and he is saying that we have 5 more to sell. One thing I'd like to do this time is to move this 5 as a batch order. (a group buy) So basically, what I'd like to do is to gather everyone who are interested in buying the Giants and once all 5...
  11. nelsoncanastriana


    baikalminer .com HELP ME.. i need know if this compañy is fraud o real. ? you to make buy this compañy?
  12. Flip

    Baikal Cube 300m - Can they be linked up together?

    Hi all. New to Dash Forums! Please could someone tell me if the Baikal Cubes (300m) can be linked up together? Wanted to get 3 of them. Thanks! Flip
  13. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal Cube is now available.

    Hey guys, I just heard from my supplier that he has them in stock now. If you're interested in getting it through me instead of risking your way in purchasing it from some Chinese dealers let me know and I'll hook you up! Currently I'm selling them for $1400 USD each with free shipping (Price...
  14. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal A900 X11 Dash Miner for sale (Canada)

    If anyone is interested let me know I have 2 in stock. Price is $3500 at the moment due to a shortage in the market.
  15. JasonHan

    Baikal Giant A900 Dash Miner available for sale.

    If anyone is interested let me know! Thanks.
  16. E

    Changing hostname on Baikals

    Has anyone successfully changed the hostname on their Baikals? I have several minis and I've changed the name in a few different file locations but they never show up in an IP Scanner (I use AngryIP scanner). If someone has successfully changed it please post the path and filename?