baikal miner

  1. K

    Baikal Miners

    Hello, We have created a group of Baikal Miners owners where we can share information, solve problems that occur or sell and buy machines. It is difficult to contact baikal support and solve the problem right away. There is also a lot of threads in the forums, but it is impossible to read and...
  2. Danny

    BAIKAL MINER CUBE RIPOFF ALERT !!! is a CROOK and a SCAM (s or no s, they are all BULLSHIT) I have been ripped off from for $4676 and want you share my HORROR story so hopefully you don’t end up getting ripped off. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BAIKALMINER.COM !!! After weeks of research on Google and...
  3. Flip

    Baikal Cube 300m - Can they be linked up together?

    Hi all. New to Dash Forums! Please could someone tell me if the Baikal Cubes (300m) can be linked up together? Wanted to get 3 of them. Thanks! Flip
  4. R

    Baikal mining question

    Hi I've been mining some other currencies for a while but now I would like to mine dash, so a question is, do I need 1000dash in my wallet to start mining with Baikal miner? If yes, is there any pool to jin because at the current price I doubt I could ever start it by myself. Thank you
  5. theghost1980

    N00b question - Mining on p2pool using Baikal

    hello there I would like to know the following: Do I need to leave my wallet open while mining on a p2pool? I think the answer is no because I'm using the baikal mini miner which is connected by ethernet port to the p2p node pool. So I guess no need to leave open 24/7 the qt wallet on my PC...
  6. S

    baikal miner Christmas this discount price.

    Hello, everyone, in order to thank everyone for their support. Now we are offering discounted Christmas discounts. 410 $ / pcs supports paypal and BTC payments Free DHL Send list 1Xbaikal mini 1x update the line 1x network cable 1x power supply Buy...