1. Leonidas

    Dash Force News - Nouvel Article

    Salut à tous, J'actualiserai ce fil de discussion quotidiennement avec les nouveaux articles en français de DashForceNews : Pour nous suivre sur les réseaux sociaux : Facebook : Twitter ...
  2. stellabelle

    PEOPLE OF DASH: TroyDash, Peacemaker and Masternode Owner

    Continuing with the PEOPLE OF DASH theme, @TroyDASH brings some great insights into Dash. I have long noticed the ability of TroyDASH to bring people together, and I think he's one of Dash Nation's greatest strengths. To read the full interview go here...
  3. stellabelle

    New DFN article: My Mom Might Be The Oldest American Woman To Own Cryptocurrency

    New article describes how my mom decided to buy $500 worth of Dash recently. She could be the oldest American woman to own crypto: Please comment below if you know of any other 78...
  4. stellabelle

    How To Introduce Crypto To The Uninitiated

    Another guest article has just been added to DASH For Newbies and this is a great article for all of us! When explaining DASH to newbies, try to avoid using too many high level words, like decentralized, blockchain, etc. When people hear too many unfamiliar words in one sentence, they blank out...
  5. stellabelle

    New Guest Article: Hardware Wallets, The Future of Wearables

    Dash For Newbies Medium publication is expanding with new guest writers. A couple of articles that are really fascinating have just been added. This one combines the idea of hardware wallets with wearables, and the entrepreneurial ideas are definitely spinning around on this one. Check out this...
  6. stellabelle

    Money Is Just Stored Energy: New Article in Hackernoon

    New article appears in Hackernoon about my thoughts about the connection between money and energy:
  7. stellabelle

    There's New Blood In The Cryptosphere: Girl Gone Crypto

    New Medium article about a brand-new YouTube channel called Girl Gone Crypto: If you don't like to read, here's my shoutout video to her: And finally, if you want to skip watching my video...
  8. stellabelle

    New Article About The Dash Community From A Newbie Perspective

    I wrote an article that can be shared to people's Facebook pages, Twitter and other social profiles, etc. It is written for the absolute beginner and illustrates the reasons why I'm very optimistic about the future of Dash. Feel free to share it anywhere online. It's focused mainly on the social...