1. I

    WTS Dash String Art Logo

    I have previously produced these. Wondering if there would be any interest to make a Dash String Art Logo? Please post some feedback. If there seems to be enough interest, I will provide one :)
  2. Hans Joerg Kranzinger

    Dash Sculpture by Mario Dalpra

    Mario Dalpra is an international famous sculptor. On November 23th will be the world premiere of his sequence "Blockchain-Sculptures" in Vienna, Austria. 10 sculptures which should represent cryptocurrency-symbols...
  3. stellabelle

    Take A Look At The Final Art Submissions: Winners Announced Later Today

    Here are the final art submissions for the Dash For Newbies art contest. I have not counted them all, but I know there are over 100. Here's one that was just submitted late last night on Twitter. It's adorable, eh? To see the remaining art submissions, go here...
  4. stellabelle

    Dash Art Contest Update: You Have 5 More Days!

    You have 5 days to submit your Dash art for the contest so what are you waiting for? Here's a good one that was just submitted: Check out some of the latest submissions, some of which will blow you away...
  5. stellabelle

    Amazing Response So Far W/ Art Contest! Check Out New Entries

    I'm quite happy to report that the amount of submissions are over 24 so far, in just a few days of the Dash Art Contest. Here are some of the entries so far: Anyway, I gave the Contest design a facelift and am finally happy with the design. If you haven't shared this art contest with your...
  6. stellabelle

    Win A Bacon Wallet Filled With Digital Cash In A DASH Art Contest!

    Dash For Newbies is hosting a Dash Art Contest! In addition to Dash cash prizes, there are some fun ones like the Bacon Wallet that are being given out to top art submissions. I really need your help in spreading this contest around social media. I'll be doing some paid advertising, but just...
  7. stellabelle

    I'm Looking To Start Creative Commons Dash Art Website: HELP NEEDED

    It's getting the point where I think starting a Creative Commons Dash art website is needed. I was thinking that if we created a community art/graphics library that we could all use for articles, blogs, etc., it would make it easier for people to create blogs, videos, etc. The main thing we'd...