1. Blockspot

    Dash explorer API tutorial

    Is there an introduction on how to use the Dash explorer API and especially how to retreive the circulating supply? Thanks!
  2. Denys Tun

    Does BitGo plan on supporting DASH?

    Is the DASH Community interested in DASH Coin being supported by BitGo? I assume that the answer to this questions is 'yes'.. Or am I wrong? Does anyone know if steps have been taken with BitGo for integrating DASH?
  3. Dashmaximalist

    cant find any easy to use APIs , SDKs even after a lot of effort, being a DAO this a massive shame

    hi guys i have been searching last few days for any easy to use APIs for web and SDKs , so far all i could find are blockcypher and broken dash core code ( clone from bit core ) , so far there are no SDKs for Android, either they are hiding some where or its a massive negligence. Either way we...
  4. S

    Integration Electrum and Core wallet

    Hi all, Install Dashnode, livenet with v.12.02.03. Have Electrum client on home PC, output Master public key and write in "dash-payment-process" where create receiver to get gen. address. When gen. address I see it in my Electrum client, also when transfer amount on this address of.c I get it...
  5. S

    Localhost with API PaymentCallback

    Hi, with next small problems.. I create ReceiverCallback, give PaymentCallback Dash is receive me address and add. info, request is 200 In callback give http://localhost:3002/api/payments/dash?action=PaymentCallback but when transaction is done, I didn't get callback request. 1. If I write...
  6. S

    Why address is not in blockchain

    Hello all, please help me 1 month more can't correctly up Dash node. OS: Debian 9.3 (x86_64) Install step-by-step https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/86278560/Installation+Configuration I gen. address with RPC: require_once('easybitcoin.php'); $dash = new...
  7. S

    Поднять Dash для оплаты

    Здраст, Есть веб ресурс, надо предоставить возможность оплачивать заказ через Dash. Этот путь пройден https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/86278560/Installation+Configuration Dash запускается, но надо проверить API и UI правельно ли работает. И теоритический помочь использования...
  8. S

    Can't install bitcore-node-dash

    Help please... Debian: 9.3.0 [email protected]:~# nvm run node --version Running node v4.0.0 (npm v2.14.2) v4.0.0 [email protected]:~# npm install -g bitcore-node-dash > [email protected] preinstall /root/.nvm/versions/node/v9.3.0/lib/node_modules/bitcore-node-dash > ./scripts/download Downloading...
  9. S

    Need install Dash core for payment

    Hello everyone, I have web application, for purchase product I need add Dash payment method. I don't want use any payment service API, I want install Dash core on my server, and I think need use https://github.com/thelazier/insight-api-dash right? Please, help for it, show how to use CLI work...
  10. D

    How to calculate Dash balance using xpub-key?

    hey I’m new in this world, please help. I have public key (extended public key), how will I get the wallet’s balance? I cannot find API and sample code or anything related to wallet code Please help, please point me to api documents or sample.
  11. M

    Transaction not working using insight-api-dash

    Hello I am new to Dash and implementing transaction functionality where the user can send dash from one address to another address. As a developer i am using insight-api-dash api for it. I am unable to perform this task as i am very new to this dash. Please help me out . It will be great help...
  12. mastermined

    BlockCypher Announces Strategic Partnership With Dash

    BlockCypher has announced a strategic partnership with Dash, paving the way for increased business adoption. The world's leading web services API service for blockchain technology, BlockCypher allows for seamless integration into many new services, clearing an important hurdle to ensuring Dash...