antminer d3

  1. L

    I'm thinking of buying the Antminer D3?

    Hi, does this company have an asic machine? are they reliable? I'm thinking of buying the Antminer D3?
  2. L

    I'm thinking of buying the Antminer Z9?

    Hi, does this company have an asic machine? are they reliable? I'm thinking of buying the Antminer Z9?
  3. 2

    Antminer D3 Power Supplies

    I want to buy a APW3++ psu, it can run at 1600w with 220v, bitmain also states that when running at 110v(which is what I have) it provides 1200w, the antminer D3 needs 1200w, is it enough to power my D3 and will it damage my device? Or is there any other power supplies(110v and over 1200w) that...
  4. D

    WTS Selling Antminer D3 (19,3 Gh) without PSU. (Ready to Ship)

    I am selling an Antminer D3 (19,3 Gh) without PSU. Its in Hand and Ready to Ship in Hamburg GERMANY. If you want we can send picture. You can pay by BankTransfer(to Turkey, to Germany or to Switzerland), Any Cryptocurrency or CASH during Face-to-Face delivery (You must come to Hamburg). You...
  5. T

    WTS Was selling - Now I'm not

    Lets see what happens
  6. xoibsurferx

    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    Hello everyone, I'm receiving my antminer D3 tomorrow and from what I've read a lot of people are in the same boat as I am. I purchased it a few months ago when it was extremely profitable - I knew it would drop but not down to nothing like it is now. I realize the difficulty being as high...
  7. C

    WTS 100 x D3 Antminers October Batch - good price

    I have 100 unused D3 Bitmain antminers for sale - too many secured orders actually went through. October batch. 100 units - preferably to sell to 1 or 2 buyers. Good price, from what I've seen on the forum, lower than most asked. Can come with PSUs at an additional fee (APW3++)...
  8. L

    WTS 5 Antminer D3 for sale with power supply

    I purchased 5 Antminer D3 units from November 21-30th batch purchased directly from Bitmain along with the APW3++ power supply. Once they arrive (late November, early December), I will ship them unopened to you. Can sell all 5 together or individually. Lot of 5 (including power supply) =...
  9. X

    WTS Selling Antminer D3 + PSU 1st November| PROOFPICS

    Hey guys, This is an offer for an Antminer D3 you pay for one Antminer D3 plus original PSU APW3++ from upcoming November Batch. Please check out the picture to see that Bitmain already proofed the payment of my order. The PSU is included in the price. As Bitmain mentions they will ship starting...
  10. A

    Solo Mine

    I want to help my parents they want to mine Dash I found them there Dash Wallet and there hardware wallet i want them to get the antminer D3, 15 GH and 1200 power consumption with a 0.12 KWh Cost. I just don't know what is the best software or how to set one up or download one. I know they are...
  11. K

    WTS Bitmain accounts with Antminer D3 15GH/S November batch preorders

    Hello Dash forum community! I made few accounts on Bitmain and got lucky with Antminer D3 15GH/S 21-30 November batch unpaid preorders. Order price: $1450 Order shipping price (via DHL): $79.53 Order payment method: wired bank transaction (you have time until October 14 to make the payment)...
  12. S

    WTS October D3 Miner 4 Sale

    Hello, I am selling my October D3 miner..located in Shanghai. Prefer to sell to those already in mainland China but will ship worldwide. $USD5500 neg. can accept RMB payment, Paypal. etc. PM me for wechat contact.
  13. D

    WTS Selling Antminer D3 November Batch in Hamburg

    Hi, I'am selling one Antminer D3 with PSU. (November Batch) Item location is Hamburg. Paypal, Bitcoin, Altcoins, Bank Transfer or CASH is accepted. You can come to Hamburg and take it directly from UPS (where Bitmain will ship), or i can send to you with UPS/DHL/FedEx I cant say any price...
  14. C

    WTS Selling AntMiner D3 15GH/s ASIC Dash Miner Batch 1

    Selling my AntMiner D3's In stock : 2Peices Payment accepted : Bitcoin & ETH Price : 0.8 BTC ETH : 11.52334073 Hash Rate: 15 GH/s Power consumption: 1200W (at the wall, with APW3 plus plus PSU, 93 percent efficiency, 25C ambient temperature) Hashing algorithm: X11 5 months warranty...
  15. S

    WTS 50 Antminer D3 + PSUs for Sale: October 15 Batch

    Hello, I have an order shipping in October with 50 D3s and 50 PSUs. I'm selling the entire order and will not sell individual units. Ask is 25BTC. Contact me if interested.
  16. R

    D3 expected ROI for 2018. Still worth it?

    For anyone interested, I have 3 D3's waiting to be paid. Do you think its worth the investment or is it better to put my money somewhere else? My goal is to have a ROI in less than 4 months but with the expected difficulty increase I see it as a far possibility. (I have watch the coinwarz and...
  17. A

    Earning per day with Dash Miner D3

    Hi i want to ask all members of this forum what is average $ percentage per day with Antminer D3 miner is there someone using D3 in september i need average and pics proof as on 20 September 2017 or 21 september 22 september 2017 someone please post link of pics or proof how much we can earn...
  18. P

    Solo Mining DASH

    Good day, I have a question regarding the possible setup of a solo mining pool for a DASH mining farm. I am constructing a small mining farm, equipment should be delivered in a week or 2. I will be using the Antminer D3 (X11) miners, with a total capacity of 1,500Ghs (1.5Ths) - The idea is to...
  19. S

    D3/L3+/S9 Miners For Sale, Dispatched from UK.

    Hello All, I currently have a limited stock of Bitmain's Antminer miners. This will be shipped out from West London. Collection available. First come first served. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information. Or message on 07572112436. Note D3: Pre order for...
  20. E

    D3 mining

    Hello guys! Today I've ordered 5 D3.s from Bitmain. Does anyone had from september batch? Is there anyone who have runned or tested it?
  21. M

    Bitmain next machine

    Hi guys I know the D3 is a very new machine but I think in few monts a new ASIC will be released. How many time according you before a D4 or D5 ?
  22. jeremy

    Selling 4 D3 Antminer shipping for September

    Hi, I bought 6 Antminer D3 and is thinking of keeping 2 and is selling the rest for $3500 USD per piece delivery for September 30 (maybe earlier if it gets to me on time). please message me at 416-459-7753 [email protected] I am based in Ontario and can meet in person.
  23. jeremy

    Selling 4 D3 Antminer shipping for September

    Hi, I bought 6 Antminer D3 and is thinking of keeping 2 and is selling the rest for $3500 USD per piece delivery for September 30 (maybe earlier if it gets to me on time). please message me at 416-459-7753 [email protected](no links) I am based in Ontario and can meet in person.
  24. R

    WTS Selling Account with D3 for November 2017

    I have 4 valid accounts, shipping: 1-15 november to Europe. You can change the delivery address to your: 1. 20pcs BITMAIN AntMiner D3 2. 15pcs BITMAIN AntMiner D3 3. 10pcs BITMAIN AntMiner D3 4. 5pcs BITMAIN AntMiner D3 All accounts are partially paid, payment by the BTC. I want to sell these...
  25. M

    WTS Bitmain Antminer D3 - November Batch 16-24. Nov

    Hello, I have Bitmain Antminer D3 - November Batch 16-24. Nov. for sale. Price 3.000 EUR, free worldwide shipping asap when received. Payment BTC/Bank Wire Paid and confirmed on bitmain. Send me PM or email: [email protected]
  26. V

    WTS Antminer D3 Sell (big quantity) for Factory Price

    Hello, We have reserved a big amount of Antminers D3 directly from Bitmain. Delivery end of October beginning of November. If you are interested,please PM. The payment is directly to Bitmain bank account (invoice will be issued on your name) plus some remuneration for us. The dead line for...
  27. S

    WTS 50 Antminer D3 + PSU: October 15 batch for sale (US)

    Hello, I'm offering an UNPAID account with 50 Antminer D3 and PSUs for 3BTC. I'm not interested in anonymity so I'm open to meeting in person in SFLA, using escrow, whatever works. Please PM me if interested. Thank you! Payment to Bitmain is due 7 days from the 3rd of August. Best, Joseph
  28. D

    WTS Antminer D3 for sale

    HI we have 50 Antminer D3 October batch for sale, we could accept escrow/paypa/ebay/amazon payments all secure. thanks