1. Abdul Rehman

    Best animation tool?

    Which is the best tool for animation with less effort?
  2. Pieter Eralith

    Project Constellation: A Consumer-Focused Dash Explainer Video

    Project Constellation: A consumer-focused Dash Explainer Video This proposal is for a new explainer video aimed at consumers. Why this proposal? We believe there is a need for a new explainer video. Why do we need another? The existing video is packed with technical language, and is probably...
  3. Gilemon

    Animated DASH Blockchain Visualizer

    Hey guys, This is my pet project to visualize the DASH blockchain. Here is a quick infographic timeline I made with it. This was developed as a proof of concept to have some simple animation to show to the media as part of the...
  4. Pieter Eralith

    Pre-Proposal: Project Jet Plane, an Animated Dash Commercial

    Project Jet Plane - YouTube Dash commercial, 2500+ views per day for 60 days. Help us to advertise Dash to 2500+ potential Dash users a day for 60 days! Amount: 148.31 Dash Time: Two months (two payments of 74.16 Dash) The storyboard video is here: The treatment documentation is here...
  5. Pieter Eralith

    Poll: Vote on our next animated Dash commercial!

    Hi everyone! We at Eralith (myself, @bielie and @Thomas - Eralith) are excited to bring to you, a brand new set of pitches for the next Dash animated commercial! For those of you that missed our previous forum post, here’s a recap: Following the success of our first ad, we announced that we...