android dash wallet 5.17.1

  1. J

    Restore wallet can't select file darkcoin_wallet_backup_2014-xx-xx Not working

    So I'm trying to restore a very old wallet from the darkcoin days. It's in the format darkcoin_wallet_backup_2014-xx-xx. Instructions for restoring this type of file point to using the android Dash wallet. But it doesn't work sadly. The restore wallet screen comes up and asks for a pin. It...
  2. Dashmaximalist

    do we have android / ios sdk for dash payments ?

    hi guys we are trying to create a getfreedash app with live payments and looks like there is no sdk any where , do we have one ? or we should simply use bitcore APIs ?
  3. A

    Android Dash wallet needs a tutorial

    I can't see in any place a tutorial that teaches how to use dash wallet for android. It's very interesting to know: - how to backup wallet; - what do user needs to do if he boughts a new cellphone? - a good explanation on address book. Mainly when user buy their first dash. Initially dash...
  4. Elaisa Kasan

    Not yet redeemed transaction from Android Dash wallet version 5.17.1 to Exodus 1.38.1

    On March 14, 2017 I transferred Dash into my newly installed Android Dash wallet version 5.17.1 obtained from the google play store. On March 25, 2017 I transferred Dash out, leaving 0.6078 in my wallet. These transactions were successful, indicating a correctly installed wallet, working...