1. carlomile2

    Help me going to represent Dash Haiti in the Anarchapulco event !

    Hi guys people that don't know me i am Carlo, Dash Haiti lead, i am here with you and i lead Dash Haiti meetup and activities like educating people about getting a financial freedom in Dash. So i want to go to the Anarchapulco event and i will ask generous people here to help me to go in the...
  2. JuanSGalt

    Pre Proposal: DASH to Sponsor Anarchapulco 2018?

    Hello! Everyone, I've been asked by Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchapulco to submit a proposal to DASH for Gold Sponsorship of Anarchapulco 2018. Given the popularity of DASH among ancaps, the speech I gave in 2016 (Which is my most viewed video) and the general ideological...