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  1. Mark Mason

    Dash Talk - Amanda Interviews Alfredo Terrero, COO & Co-Founder of IntoTheBlock

    On today's episode Amanda speaks with Alfredo Terrero, COO & Co-Founder of IntoTheBlock. IntoTheBlock is an intelligence company that uses machine learning and statistical modeling to deliver actionable intelligence for crypto assets. Question Timestamps: 00:27 What is IntoTheBlock and what...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Tao & Amanda LIVE! - Wednesdays at 5PM UTC on Cash Alternative TV.

    Please join me in welcoming Amanda B. Johnson to the Cash Alternative TV team! She will be co-hosting a new show with Christopher called "Tao & Amanda Live!" tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays afternoons UTC. Those of you who miss the Billyrock in the public eye giving us her thoughts on Dash...
  3. zmyslowasowa

    Amanda is taking a break?

    Amanda why are you doing that to us? Joel is doing a great job, I admit. But everyone agrees, I hope, that Amanda has the natural gift to make complex thinds sound easy. And her 5-minute show does more good to our community than five 20-minute shows by any other author. Amanda when can we...
  4. mastermined

    Dash is getting ready for wide market adoption with two projects funded by the treasury.

    Currently, Dash is already positioned for use as digital cash, with low fees, instant transactions, and optional anonymity. Late this year, however, the Dash Evolution upgrade is slated for release, providing a much more user-friendly user interface and experience, protocol-level. Ahead of this...
  5. Mark Mason

    The Case For Using the Words “Digital Cash” in All Marketing Efforts by Amanda B. Johnson

    The Case For Using the Words “Digital Cash” in All Marketing Efforts by Amanda B. Johnson “TIDE” – written in red block letters on the side of a truck. If you’re from North America (and maybe other places, too), you probably already know what this means: laundry detergent. Just like Kleenex =...
  6. mastermined


    WORKING FOR 1000+ BOSSES: EMPLOYMENT IN THE DASH DAO By Amanda B Johnson Some people imagine that a freelancer is her “own boss.” That she is beholden to no one but herself and that, somehow, money just rolls in. Having worked as a waitress, an SEO blogger, a children’s party entertainer, a...
  7. K

    More power to the rich?

    I am new to Dash and at this early stage, very excited about the project. So excited even, that I exchanged half of my bitcoin to Dash. To a great extend, thanks to the great work of Amanda and her DASH: Detailed videos. Very informative. However I am curious as to what the community's...
  8. stellabelle

    Altcoin Celebrity With Substance: DASH's Amanda B. Johnson

    I just wrote a fairly lengthy article about Amanda B. Johnson which first appeared today on Steemit. I'll be spreading this out on the interwebs on Medium, Linkedin and Twitter shortly. I also just submitted it to Hackernoon, a Medium publication that I contribute to. I'll link it later if they...
  9. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5

    Hello. Here is our 5th investor report. It includes a pre-proposal at the end, but you can stop watching at ~5:35 to just hear the investor report. Video is unlisted, as it's intended for voters/investors rather than our general audience. Thanks!
  10. Pete - DashCrypto

    Have questions for Amanda B. Johnson? Send 'em over for inclusion in a future episode!

    At the end of the last DASH: Detailed episode, Soft/Hard Forks vs. 'Sporks': Evan Duffield Explains How Dash is Different, I outlined my idea for a future episode titled, "Ask A.B.J", that'd feature questions posed to host Amanda B. Johnson about Dash or cryptocurrency. If you have questions...