1. dashofpepper

    Coin Market Alert (CMA) Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale

    Hey all, I'm back with another crypto review about a very handy cryptocurrency monitoring site. :) Coin Market Alert is having an Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale is Live Through July 31 The Coin Market Alert (CMA) cryptocurrency market monitoring service website already running and serving over...
  2. xkcd

    Email Alerts for DASH MN down

    Hi MNOs, ever had a VPS go down? Or MN that went into NEW_START_REQUIRED for no known reason? Did you wish you knew about it sooner? Well I have a solution for you! First a story, i thought I had a good setup and I do ;) but my hosting provider had some SAN issues and the effect on my linux...
  3. J

    Best free price alerting service! Telegram, email and browser push notifications.

    Hi friends! We added new section on site. It’s Alerting Service. There are five alert types now: Price range Price above Price below Price change % (relative change) Price change abs (absolute change) And there are three delivery methods: E-mail Telegram bot Browser push...