1. dashofpepper

    [Pre-Sale Announcement] Ramifi (RAM) Tokens Injection Offer & Airdrop

    RAM: Reactive money with immutable value. Ramifi Protocol: Injection Offering (IO) explained What is an Injection offering? An injection offering is a new and innovative way to provide investors and the crypto-community with a more sensible approach to token offerings. The process of...
  2. L

    AirdropUnited Airdrop From Neo Platform

    Hello Friend What is AirdropUnited Project Airdrop UTD On Neo Platform Free 500 UTD Link Join Follow all Taks and Earn Token Reward Airdrop Road Map Project Reward Bounty Reward Holder Price On ICO Special Investor
  3. dashofpepper

    Coin Market Alert (CMA) Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale

    Hey all, I'm back with another crypto review about a very handy cryptocurrency monitoring site. :) Coin Market Alert is having an Airdrop & Token Pre-Sale is Live Through July 31 The Coin Market Alert (CMA) cryptocurrency market monitoring service website already running and serving over...
  4. dashofpepper

    TOMBOLA Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale for World's First EOS Gambling Platform

    Hey all, I'm back with another fun crypto review about a fun gaming site. :) TOMBOLA (TBL) is having a Token Airdrop & Pre-Sale TBL is ID'd as the number one cryptocurrency Gambling Platform built on EOS blockchain tech. As blockchain gambling products and services arrive on the market, a...
  5. I


    Blockchain Solutions in its finest: learn about Digital Shopping Global and Shopping Coin digital asset! Digital Shopping Global presented its utility token; ShoppingCoin as well as the use case and technical platform for said asset 6 weeks ago. Which earmarked the token sale and the airdrop...
  6. R

    Bitholic Exchange Airdrop Free 1 Qtum to New Users

    Bitholic is a new crypto exchange giving free 1 Qtum to new users for more information please visit :
  7. Gravity

    [ANN] [AIRDROP] Gravity Protocol airdrops

    We present our contribution to the evolution of blockchain technology: Gravity Protocol — a Graphene based blockchain protocol built on Delegated Proof-of-Importance Consensus with dynamic emission, for human-centric economy data. Gravity Protocol has established as its foundation a...
  8. H


    I saw this coin some forum else. Registration link is my referral link. If you appriciate that I meet you with this airdrop, please register with my referral link. Free 15 Papel coin with registration, Free 10 Papel coin for each referral registration. Register right now...
  9. G

    airdrop get $200

    全球最大的加密貨幣空降組織Gift.ONE正在空投百萬令牌!1GIFT = 0.2美元,通過註冊獲得100GIFT,從任何活動獲得更多100000GIFT,點擊鏈接獲得禮物:每天贏得iPhoneX,BTC,ETH,GIFT抽獎!
  10. I

    [AIRDROP] Varnix - Integrating software professionals use with cryptocurrencies

    WEBSITE▲ WHITEPAPER▲ AIRDROP▲ Vote▲ Facebook▲ Twitter▲ Linkedin▲ Medium▲ Discord▲ Telegram▲ Github▲ WEBSITE▲ WHITEPAPER▲ AIRDROP▲ Vote▲ Facebook▲ Twitter▲ Linkedin▲ Medium▲ Discord▲ Telegram▲ Github▲
  11. vakano

    DASH Airdrop for Panda.Exchange Users and Activating the payment processor

    DASH Airdrop for Panda.Exchange Users and Activating the payment processor to work with Panda.Exchange’s API Hi! My name is Arley Lozano (VaKaNo), I'm the CEO of Panda.Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange platform envisioned and developed in Colombia primarily for the Latin American...
  12. A

    [ANN][BOUNTY] 3 ETC Tokens to win!

    With the launch of Airdropster we want to become a reference in Airdrops/Bounties/ICOs crypto So we are launching a simple contest: 3 people will win 1 ETC each! You can find all the details on
  13. A

    New Masternodecoin (Airdrop) Get in early!

    Get your airdroped masternode coins info Here As you know from the history of dash you know getting in early on a master node project is great! here is your chance to get in early and with a airdrop this is a great time to get a hold of some Masternode Coins!!!
  14. Dashmaximalist

    Dash air drop - best strategy ever

    Can we' do an air drop of say 10 $ per person .. $5 when you sign up and 5 for referring others . Download dash wallet , verify your number using OTP sent, boom you got 5 and refer your buddies to get another 5 for each referral Go and use it on a nearby coffee shop which should be shown on...