1. N

    Dash Nigeria: BizDev, Merchants & Importers Feb-April 2019

    Recently successfully completed milestones 1. Over 70 merchants now accepting Dash in Nigeria 2. Recent press coverage: Charities in Nigeria and Germany Utilize Dash for Market Appeal and Security Dash Nigeria Increases Merchant and Exchange Integrations Dash Expands Liquidity in Nigeria...
  2. N

    Dash Nigeria Defunding Statement and Path Forward

    Unfortunately we were defunded during the most recent voting cycle. Nevertheless we remain committed on making Nigeria the next Dash growth market. After we posted our proposal, we started of strong with a 8:1 vote ration indicating demand for our proposal. Unfortunate for us even later in the...
  3. N

    Dash Nigeria: BizDev Dashmas present: integration now live

    Merry Dashmas everyone directly from Nigeria! As we are coming to the close of our first proposal period of November and December we’re now at the stage where we can, in collaboration with our partners, close and release the integrations we’ve been working on for the last couple of months...
  4. N

    ALERT DASH: Major Adoption Plans about to be forestalled

    ALERT DASH: Major Adoption Plans about to be forestall Recall the team that started advocating for Dash in a region where there were no Dash users, no dash events and as a result, there was no exchange trading Dash! Imagine how difficult that was. Fast track a year later, several exchanges...
  5. N

    Taking Dash to BLOCKCHAIN & AI Conference & other parts of Nigeria

    Proposal is live here, kindly vote: This proposal will help Dash achieve adoption and use in Africa. It entails sponsoring the Blockchain Conference, to organising a conference monthly for 2 months for Merchants who wish to...
  6. Wilmar Toro

    Dash continúa su expansión en Nigeria

    Dash continúa su expansión en Nigeria Dash continúa expandiéndose rápidamente en Nigeria gracias al trabajo de Dash África, con quienes Dash Force News tiene la oportunidad de hablar sobre sus experiencias recientes. Dash África compartió con Dash Force News algunos datos sobre las órdenes de...
  7. Wilmar Toro

    El principal exchange de Ghana agrega a Dash luego de financiación colectiva

    El principal exchange de Ghana agrega a Dash luego de financiación colectiva Se han agregado pares de trading de Dash a eBitcoinics, lo que impulsa de manera significativa las perspectivas de adopción de Dash en África. Con sede en Ghana, eBitcoinics es un intercambio de criptomonedas que...
  8. Wilmar Toro

    Frame 48, un colectivo creativo, presenta un documental sobre cómo Dash ayuda a los zimbabuenses

    Frame 48, un colectivo creativo, presenta un documental sobre cómo Dash ayuda a los zimbabuenses Frame 48, un “colectivo creativo que se especializa en producción cinematográfica y comercial”, ha lanzado una película titulada Starting From Scratch (Comenzando desde Cero) que explora la forma...
  9. MrWilliamChui

    Status of Dash in Southern Africa

    I'm interested to know: 1. who are those that are based in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe? 2. What have the attempted and/or achieved since the foundation of Dash? 3. What challenges they faced? 4. Whether they are still active? 5. If...
  10. Max Yoga

    Dash Kuvacash updates and activities

    KUVACASH INTERIM UPDATE 001 - 13/10/2017 Thank you to all our supporters in the community continuing to support our proposal for this month. It has been a busy kick-off here at Kuvacash, and we will be updating everyone on our next webinar, which we'll schedule before the end of the month. Two...
  11. mastermined

    Dash Meetups Catch on Across Africa

    Dash Meetups Catch on Across Africa Dash adoption and awareness has made progress across Africa, with particular success stories in Ghana and Nigeria. Cryptocurrency has the ability to offer financial services, in many cases superior to those offered by the banking system, to the unbanked...
  12. Mahamadu Salam

    Pre-proposal: Dash Roadshow in Ghana, West Africa

    Hi community, i am Mahamadu Abdul-Salam from Ghana west Africa known as cryptolib on Dash slack forum and Telegram. i am submitting my first proposal to embark on a Dash road show in my country Ghana. Ghana is a relatively large country in west Africa with 10 regions and each region to a...
  13. mastermined

    Dash’s Adoption Progress in Africa and Venezuela

    While most of the cryptocurrency field in the first world chases the newest tech, ICO, or other hype of the day, residents of other regions may not have the disposable income for simple speculation. Different variables apply more heavily, for example transaction fees and real world use as a...
  14. Tawanda Kembo

    Pre-Proposal: Integrating Dash into exchange in Africa

    I'm sharing this project idea, firstly to hear if the community if this is an idea worth funding and secondly, if it is, to get feedback on how I can improve this proposal. My background: I got involved in cryptocurrency through bitcoin in 2012 and now run a bitcoin exchange in Zimbabwe called...
  15. coindup


    Brochure of Company that will be doing this
  16. Doofershmirtz

    Donation Africa

    Hello everyone (If I do not to post here, please delete this post) This is not a false those request by email for humanitarian aid in Africa, with rewards of thousands of dollars of the daughter of former dictator billionaire. I'm really in Africa, and because of our financial crisis, I see...
  17. Doofershmirtz

    DASH Africa Portuguese TELEGRAM

    Ola, Fale com Utilizadores DASH paises africanos de lingua oficial Portuguesa, e aumenta seus contactos e possibilidade de negociar Aguardo por todos