1. dashm

    Pre-Proposal: Free Advertising Products + World Wide Shipping

    Hi, we are a small team from Germany and we would like to know what you think about the following: We want to provide people all over the world who want to promote DASH with advertising products such as stickers and other cool stuff. We have over 10 years experience in producing professional...
  2. Sky Conway

    DASH Sponsorship of the movie Crypto, a feature-film about Bitcoin

    My name is Sky Conway and I am an early Cryptocurrency adopter, supporter and filmmaker. I wanted to bring this pre-proposal to everyone's attention. This pre-proposal is to evaluate interest in a sponsorship package for DASH brand placement and other advertising for the upcoming Crypto movie...
  3. Tokenaires Network

    WTB Barriers to the Market

    One of my Biggest Pet Peaves when it comes to barriers to the market, deals with restrictions on advertising. Check out the youtube video I did on it it titled "Tokenaire Network: ICO Direct (The Invisible Hand)" Thoughts?
  4. C

    Influencer Marketing Proposal | Channel Factory

    Influencer Marketing for Dash | Audience Discovery, Awareness & Conversion OVERVIEW Campaign Message & Budget Message: Dash is the leading cryptocurrency and payment settlement solution based on key product differentiators: platform privacy, unparalleled transaction speed and security...
  5. Household Name®

    Crypto & Blockchain | Marketing the Future

    To the DASH Community–– While the smart money and institutional investors are long vested in blockchain/crypto, the general public have limited grasp of these revolutionary technologies––still fewer grasp its future potential. Finding a unique selling proposition that delivers a compelling...
  6. Pieter Eralith

    "Border-Free Love" - Live action + VFX DASH Commercial, 2M Views over 6 Months

    Hi folks! This is the new update thread for our Border-Free Love advertising proposal, found here. Thank you all for your continued support!
  7. JV.Darkroom

    Dash In-Flight Media Campaign

    **Reposted here from original proposal forum thread Hey everyone! We want to thank you for your support on our most recent proposal. It has passed for the month of January, and per our proposal we have secured the ad spot for March of 2018 for JetBlue, American Airlines, and United Airlines...
  8. pmckenna12

    Pre-proposal: Increase Dash’s awareness by advertising on YouTube

    Dash Requested This is a 3-month project that will require 300 Dash/month (900 dash/total) Full breakdown of cost is below. Description of the project Google’s largest third-party YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social, will promote Dash’s introductory video on the world’s second most...
  9. Tijo Bear

    Pre-Porposal: Dash Sponsor 4 The Arcane Bear *15,000 Subscribers and growing

    Dash Tribe and The Arcane Bear Foreward: With the shaping of a global decentralized industry, its all about direct connections to the audience of Dash. Building personal connections and referrals are always the most potent connections. This is why The Arcane Bear and Dash can work together so...
  10. dashdisciple

    Dash Doesn't Need to Reinvent the Wheel with Advertising - Online Search Beats it All

    Dash MNOs and proposal owners spend a lot of time coming up with wildly creative and wonderful sounding marketing ideas. Airplanes, buses, circuses, clubs, oh my! How fun and exciting! True - those are fun, exciting ideas that may have some value as morale boosters. They may provide some...
  11. Syntheist

    Proposal: Adverts on Radiolab

    After much positive and useful feedback I've posted this as a proposal: gobject vote-many 44bffe65c7cc4351a1172566b402f69f2bfc6e64fc88c6d1a225657812010627 funding yes Our Advert could be running before and during 2 million plays of Radiolab...
  12. Pieter Eralith

    Pre-Proposal: Project Jet Plane, an Animated Dash Commercial

    Project Jet Plane - YouTube Dash commercial, 2500+ views per day for 60 days. Help us to advertise Dash to 2500+ potential Dash users a day for 60 days! Amount: 148.31 Dash Time: Two months (two payments of 74.16 Dash) The storyboard video is here: The treatment documentation is here...
  13. Syntheist

    Pre-Proposal Idea: Active Pursuit of Maths & Science YouTube Channels

    This is just the outline of an idea: Create a fund to sponsor popular (1 million plus subscribers) channels that feature maths, science and general knowledge, for example: Veritasium Numberphile CGP Grey Many of these channels are sponsored by Audible or Great Courses Plus, I'm sure Dash can...
  14. stellabelle

    New Dash Ad Featuring my 78 year-old mom

    This is really not a Dash advertisement, more of a true story.... My mom finally caved in and bought some Dash, because she was getting tired of hearing about how my Dash investment is growing exponentially. Here it is:
  15. Dusan

    DASH advertising missing?

    Ethereum Advertising on Facebook
  16. Pieter Eralith

    Important Update To Our Advertisement Production Process

    I just wanted to swing by make an update post on behalf of our team. If you have not met us at Eralith yet, please have a gander at our first ad campaign: We are just coming off the heels of this round of voting, and being close...