1. R

    I sent a dash but it’s happen appear where I sent it

    I sent a dash from uphold wallet to my dash wallet and then I sent that same dash back to my uphold (using the same address from the first transaction). It is saying it complete but it hasn’t been reflected in my uphold yet. I wanted to know why that could be.
  2. T

    Sent dash to address I have no idea what is

    Hey So I managed to send my dash to XpESxaUmonkq8RaLLp46Brx2K39ggQe226 which seems to not be a private dash address. I am a total noob and was drunk af while doing this and tried sending my dash from my Ledger to Dash Core. Any way to find out who this address belongs to or where it leads to? I...
  3. programonauta

    How to get other wallet's balance using dash-cli

    Is it possible get the balance of an specific address (not stored on my computer) using dash-cli? I mean: I'd like the same result using the API, but my goal is only to understand how it works behind the scenes, inspecting the source code, not an actual problem that could be solved using API...
  4. M

    Dash Mining but there is no dash, pls help

    I download DashCore wallet, create one, has some addresses in the wallet. Then I tried to run CPU mining (Just for first testing to know if it can mine) ./minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u XvC4G96nd8YLxa9M39rc5Vur58uy4Egjkz -p password -t 8 pause It means...