1. Acedian

    12.2.x Adoption

    A thread to comment on the current transition from 12.1.x to 12.2.x. The update time frame for miners seems longer for this update than the 12.1 update. As for the masternodes, all seems to be going well, about the same as the migration to 12.1 anyway. There is always a drop in the...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | A Successful Upgrade By Dash!

    CATV | A Successful Upgrade By Dash! #DashNation #CashAlternative
  3. Pete - DashCrypto

    DASH: Detailed - Why Yes, This Water-Dispensing Machine Accepts Dash 'InstantSend'

    Dash is in Miami, Dashous.com is launched and global, and we continue the up-down price roller coaster but after each crash we end up a little higher than we were before. Hi, I'm Amanda B. Johnson and you're watching DASH: Detailed. Let's begin with Dash In The News. Dash got a mention in The...
  4. eduffield

    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    Introduction As you are likely aware, development has been progressing rapidly in 2016 as we pursue the next set of objectives on the 2016 roadmap. Because of the multitude of changes needed to facilitate the radical enhancements envisioned to our network’s capabilities and our user experience...