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  1. rustycase

    WTB Want small plot of land, USA SW / PNW for Tiny House

    House rent and taxes are too much ! Will pay DASH for a small plot of land in the USA. Pacific North West or South West preferred. Some sort of building with water and electricity, if possible. Pump house, barn or shop would be just fine. We would like to build a Tiny House ! Thanks ! rc
  2. rustycase

    WTT misconductwineco accepts DASH

    I recently spoke with the proprietor of misconductwineco who will accept DASH payment for the fruits of his labor if you are interested in embibing ! He seemed to be a very nice fellow ! They are in British Columbia, Canada. Best rc
  3. rustycase

    DASH exceeded the Vman !

    Wow! This is a HUGE Day for DASH !!! Best rc
  4. rustycase

    Does HFT at Poloniex destroy value of DASH ???

    Thank you for reading my thoughts on this Very important topic ! This morning, I checked the marketplace to see what the value of DASH was on the open market. It was a shock to me. For the last 8 hours, the normally fluctuating price/value of DASH, in relation to other coins/payment methods...
  5. rustycase

    Dash Rise on TheMerkle

    Gosh ! We were noticed ! Thanks to Eduardo Gómez rc
  6. rustycase

    Fun with fiat

    Due credit to Bloomberg writers for this article why P2P is superior to fiat. Insider trading at it's finest ! lol rc
  7. rustycase

    Increase in utility rate for miners

    I suspect this will not be a good thing, and shall relate accordingly to DASH... From the merkle... Best rc
  8. rustycase

    The cost of Blockchain ???

    I have just come across an article at themerkle regarding blockchain... It is interesting... "The first section of Rajasekhar’s essay described the nature of the Bitcoin blockchain and its difference to...