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  1. DashingDude

    Evolution of the Dash visual identity

    Hello folks! I proudly announce that we intend to present a new Dash visual identity for proposal voting within the next few days, We have observed the work of both O&M and T&C, and are aware of the voting process that happened last month. However, many of us were not entirely satisfied with...
  2. DashingDude

    The Dash Africa Harvest Market

    Hello folks, I spent most of today in talks with the people from the Market. This is an extremely vibrant market, with almost 100 merchants. It includes a community center where artists, musicians and others can develop their talents. There is an opportunity to make this a Dash market. The...
  3. DashingDude

    Dash Sky - a Large-scale Aerial Publicity Project

    Creation of Dash Sky, a Large-scale Aerial Publicity Project Summary Cape Town has an established tandem-paragliding industry using the airspace in and around one of the world’s most popular tourism cities. Dash Sky proposes to buy a large sector of the billboard space provided by the...
  4. DashingDude

    Dash Leopards Soccer Proposal

    Overview The Dash Leopards soccer teams are the first in the world to be funded by Dash blockchain technology. Soccer is without doubt the most popular sport in Africa. Indeed, soccer is probably the most popular sport in every African country. Our initial success of supplying fully...
  5. DashingDude

    Dash Africa Pre-proposal

    Summary Dash Africa is an established project and is now the largest and foremost outlet for Dash-related media in Africa. It has also served as the platform to launch and develop successful projects in several African countries. This 3-month proposal is partly retrospective in action, to pay...
  6. DashingDude

    Dash Leopards Soccer

    The Dash Leopards are the first soccer teams in the world to be funded by Dash blockchain technology. We promote awareness and adoption of Dash to thousands of people, through soccer. The kids will wear prominent Dash Branded uniforms, and Dash-branded banners will be displayed at every...
  7. DashingDude

    Dash Africa

    Howdy! A group of us are making a united effort to promote awareness and adoption of Dash in Africa. We're just getting started, but you can check our progress here: Please drop a comment if you're interested!
  8. DashingDude

    Dash in Africa

    Hey Dudes and Dudettes I have way-too-much to say, for just one forum post. But I've been instructed to move my posts from the International (or whatever) channel to this one. I wish to continue a discussion... and ultimately, I want the same as most of you do. Freedom from the bankers etc...
  9. DashingDude

    The Need for Localisation

    Hi guys, Those of you who speak American would bitch about the way that I spelled "Localisation" because you guys in America prefer your "z"s. But over here we speak the Queen's English. :cool: So if you'll forgive me, I'd like to introduce the topic of Localisation. I think that the most...
  10. DashingDude

    Dash for Africa

    Hi All, I see potential in Africa. I'm South-African and my mother is Zimbabwean. Zimbabweans have abandoned their national currency (after hyper-inflation and collapse of banks) and the US dollar is now the prevalent currency. As there are a limited supply of US dollars in the Zimbabwe...