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  1. fulltimegeek

    Should the way proposals are submitted be changed?

    Nobody likes submitting a proposal, which currently costs ~$20, and then have it fail to pass -- losing your 5 DASH forever. I believe this method does indeed discourage spammers but it also discourages serious contributors that might've miscalculated their proposals. People get offended if you...
  2. fulltimegeek

    Proposal Idea -- Scholarships/Awards for over-achieving students?

    Children are the future. We need to start winning them over to Dash/cryptocurrency while they are young and receptive. What better way to get our foot in the door, or in the minds of the children, than to reward them, or the school, with Dash? This to me seems like a great way for Dash to get...
  3. fulltimegeek

    Created bash script for sending transactions from command line

    I'm just posting this in case someone finds it useful. Link to code: Example screenshot:
  4. fulltimegeek

    Leap of faith: Fulltimegeek goes full-time on Dash

    Today I told my boss that my last day of employment will be Dec. 25 2015 I will be leaving my current full-time job to focus entirely on Dash. I fully believe in the direction this virtual company is taking and I want to be part of such a wonderful team, community and leaders of innovation. Up...
  5. fulltimegeek

    Budget Proposal: Get Dashie to endorse/accept Dash

    OK, first off, I'm not sure how I didn't think of this before!! This idea JUST came to my mind not too long ago as I went out for lunch here at work. So get this, my first cousin, who is HUGE IN YOUTUBE, goes by the name, get this, Dashie. Yes, DASHie. How about that for serendipity! Here is a...