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  1. cryptorretje

    Dash Block Size Future

    This would allow for microtransactions without flooding the blockchain
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    Noob start . Kindly Looking or some answers

    If you plan to spend the money on an asic, you should probably just buy dash or another promising cryptocurrency with that same money. That way you wont have to wait like a year until you get your investment back, if mining dash with asic is even profitable depending on your electricity cost...
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    Dash long term Blockchain capacity?

    i heard a lot of good stuff about scalablity, would anybody care to explain how and why this would help?
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    Dash now USD 76.9

    Interesting value, but i am sure with the right developments Dash could be worth a whole lot more
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    Observations, ideas, proposals and constructive criticism.

    This type of support would really do Dash well imo
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    in your business do you accept only DASH or Bitcoin too?

    Bitcoin sees quite some mass adaptation were im from, just because it is seems as the original crypto currency. The next cryptocurrencies that will recieve mass adaptation will be coins particularly made for ease of use for mass adaptation like VLT
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    Buying That Cheap Dash

    Moving money to coins very capable of pumping due to low and supply and their essential devolopments like TIME DASH and VELTOR, is always a good idea. The selling are just people spreading out their bags over coins like these, so they can participate in multiple pumps. That's actually a pretty...
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    Could Bitcoin fork help dash?

    yeah i agree looks like Dash needs to streamline its code removing those "sins" or new coins proprely adjusted like Veltor might start taking over...
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    Blocksize monero solution

    Veltor with its Donar network has got a nice solution, scalable block size and depended chain (instead of slow fork)
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    Ethereum and Smart Contracts

    Would rather have a coin with the Donar network, which includes all features of the Ethereal network and more. Promising tech no doubt
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    Dash Core Team Q4 2016 Summary Call

    Will dash plan on setting up something similar to the Donar Network?
  13. cryptorretje

    How to buy Dash with USD using CC or Paypal???

    Just use another cryptocurrency. I used Monero, cuz it is already bloating like hell, should keep an eye on the Veltor tech aswell
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    ok i just lost my password dont judge

    ok i just lost my password dont judge
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    Back from the dead!

    Back from the dead!
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    AA on lightning network - 21 Jan 17

    We need this implemented well in Dash, and soon. If not dash will become obsolete to coins like veltor already looking like they are gonna explode in price again
  17. cryptorretje

    So, 12.1...

    Dont see lightning network, or scalable blocksize. These network developments are the future. Dash might be a little late to the party, already great coins are being developed with these atributes like veltor and pas Plz dont be so slow Dash i dont wanna switch over, but those coins look like...
  18. cryptorretje

    I sold all my Dash. Here is why and my view on the state of Dash

    vcash's seems kinda shady, would rather invest in a different coin with the same + more technical developments like veltor
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    X11 compatible CGminer

    This is already on github if im correct
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    what is the best solo mining setup

    Asic, maybe bailik
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    Baikal miner - Quad Review?

    works well! you can calculate on
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    Am I mining?

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    Noob start . Kindly Looking or some answers

    I recommend cloud mining, depending on how much your electricity costs
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    Version 12.1 Release

    These coins with lighting network are getting more and more hot tho, the technology is the next best thing. Will it support lighting network with fail-safe like Veltor does?
  25. cryptorretje

    The Dash Masternode Network: A Response to Critics

    Well the masternode network is atleast a nice step forward, although not perfect
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    Dash Block Size Future

    Hopefully Dash will implement scaling options like Veltor does, Dash would benefit a lot from the increase in potential