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  1. childrottena

    Interview With Evan Duffield, Creator of Dash

    So i found an interview with the creator of dash, pretty neat
  2. childrottena

    Darkcoin Price hits 0.023 BTC now

    Darkcoin in anticipation of rebrand will take it to next level. Darkcoin Price bulling now to 0.023BTC!
  3. childrottena

    Darkcoin DRK price soars beyond 0.011 BTC each after InstantTX Announcement

    InstantTX just announce, drk price react to it above 0.01btc!
  4. childrottena

    Darkcoin Price New High Reaching 0.01BTC

    Darkcoin price is creeping back reaching new high almost 0.01BTC
  5. childrottena

    Darkcoin BTC Price Appreciates again

    Darkcoin Price appreciates again as shown at
  6. childrottena

    Darkcoin Current Price Rise : What do you think?

    What do you think about the current Darkcoin Price rise, is it good or bad?
  7. childrottena

    Darkcoin Crypto Rank #6?

    Rank #6 ahead of Monero! Source :