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  1. Emma Parker

    People who are using VPN on Dash

    I came across a deal of a VPN provider which is I guess the cheapest one till now on this black friday. They are offering $1.32/m for 5 year subscription. But this deal isn't live on their pricing page I found it through their retargetting. I hope...
  2. Emma Parker

    Suggestions Please

    I was searching some information regarding why someone wants to hide ip address and I found this page and they have quoted something which I can't understand. "Your metadata can be stored and sold off to marketing agencies who can then create personalized ads especially tailored for you...
  3. Emma Parker

    How to delete cookies automatically

    2 days ago I bought a VPN subscription and I was going through their blogs to know more about them and online security and privacy. I came across one of their blog which I found pretty awesome and I think it can help many other people here. It is about how to delete cookies automatically at...
  4. Emma Parker

    Need Help

    After so many incidents in 2018 (cybercrimes), I'm concern for my digital privacy and security. I came across anonymous surfing guide which is good but I'm looking for some more extra information on this topic. Can anyone help me with this>?