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    Proposal: Dash Electrum Support and Development Mar 2019

    Hi OP, As you said in your post, coding in the new Bluetooth hardware support. Is there any chance that you have incorporated the tech by Widcomm who used to provide Software Solutions for Bluetooth Wireless Products. Although the company was later acquired by Broadcomm.
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    Best VPN?

    Recently bought a new VPN i.e, Surfshark. My purpose was streaming and torrenting. So far it has performed exceptionally well and I hope it continues to do so. Before buying I first read its review
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    WTS cheap residential static and dedicated VPN

    As the thread is specifically on vpn deals, I would like to ask should I go with Surfshark as it seems to be very cheap and lately its getting popular too. I was reading about its on Black Friday VPN Deals article. Suggestions needed as my purpose will be solely streaming ?
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    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    Thanks OP for starting this thread and sharing this information.