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    GPU vs ASIC

    I support GPU based mining as it can be used to mine many altcoins. Unlike asic miners which are optmized to mine a coin or two. Once the retrns start diminishing you are stuck with the ASIC miner. I have been using my GPU based rig to mine bitcoin and occasionally have been switching to mine...
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    University Crypto Mining Club

    The one draw back with cloud mining companies is that they do not share realtime mining progress , you are provided the earnings update only at the end of a 24hr cycle. Whilst with your own mining rig , you can always adjust mining parameters and shift mining to other coins based on shifting...
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    University Crypto Mining Club

    It is important to evaluate the credibility of the Cloud Mining Company and also to keep in mind that as the mining difficulty increases the average daily return decreases. I would recommend picking a Cloud Mining Company that allows for reinvesting your daily returns so that you can...