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    pre-proposal: tool based on windows helps to build masternode

    Dear Dash Community, In China, most people is accustomed to the Windows operating system, and Dash gets a lot of attention in China. However, it is really troublesome for users of Dash to build a masternode . So, I'm going to develop a software which is based on Windows to help build masternode...
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    8 Steps to a Successful Proposal

    Thanks! This is really useful for me!
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    pre-proposal translate official document

    @DAOMN NO , exactly,i mean to translate the whole official document (including all the pages in : ,which benefit a lot to Chinese users developers.
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    pre-proposal translate official document

    Dash is one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies, There are many users in China.I would like to translate the official dash wiki into chinese , Can I accept financial support?