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    New Threats for Dash - Swish and the like

    < Excellent SWOT analysis of Bitcoin but has parallel to Dash. In a nutshell this video explains how the edge in payment focused cryptos of cheap free and fast p2p and p2b payments is being eroded by the introduction of bank apps that do exactly this. 99% of the people do not case about the...
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    Why Dash will not be in the top 10?

    Came across this ... "The trend indicates that to be in the top 10, a crypto project needs to be a platform rather than a one trick pony." Ok, I think calling Dash a one trick pony is a little bit too harsh, on the other hand, platforms...
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    Dash MNs know what they need, why not ask for it? Instead of waiting for the right proposal

    The current proposal system works in a push fashion. Proposals come in and in turn MNs accept or reject them. Most of them are advertising focused or taken up by the Dash Core team. Now why not create proposals requests and then have organisations bid for them? Who creates these proposals...
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    Impact of Evolution on current Dash masternodes owners, Price and Governance

    It seems that evolution will allow users to set a sum aside as a interest earning deposit, the ideas is that these deposits will be used as collateral for masternodes. If Evolution becomes widespread I see this as having 2 challenges. 1. Centralisation of masternode services. As the users will...
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    Bigger blocks = The right path?

    This is a one hour long discussion about how the path of Bitcoin Cash with bigger blocks is erroneous. The basic premise is that the hard disk requirements for this type of upgrade will become humongous as the block size grows. This reasoning applies to Dash correct? Once bigger and bogger...
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    Dash an analysis of its true potential and future ...
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    Help me improve my review of Dash

    I am looking for good Dash reviews can you point me in the right direction
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    WTB Dash Article needed, payment in Dash

    Do you know of any good Dash articles
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    Wings a threat to Dash?

    Wings is the Seeders /IndieGoGo or Kickstarter of DAOs it will provide a platform to manage new DAOs, voting on proposals, liquid democracy. One of the powers of Dash over other currencies is it's decentralised management. While many have trumpeted Zcash as an enemy of Dash pay, I believe that...