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    Austin Meetup / DASH Stats / 2x Videos on EverydayCrypto

    This is a modest 3 part proposal as my first proposal. I've been in the crypto space since 2011 and I want to become more active in the DASH community. The goal is for myself to become familiar with the process and for the masternode operators to meet me through this proposal. I have much...
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    Austin Meetup / 2x Instant Send Videos

    Hi, I've been learning about DASH for quite awhile now, but just now becoming active. I want to do a proposal, and seeing as we have a lot of unallocated funds figured it may be a rush but maybe I can get some funds for use in Austin. Not sure if I should combine several things, Austin...
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    Stable Coin

    I've been a huge fun of stable coins ever since I learned about bitUSD on the bitshares network, you can see from my videos on everydaycrypto. I consider bitUSD and Maker/DAI , and Steem Dollar, the only true stable coins. Tether is just.. well bank backed.. and Nucoin was a ponzi scheme in my...