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  1. Willy Woo

    We need a sponsorship analytic tool

    Hey guys, if we are going to sponsor ongoing podcasts and webcasts with decent money, like the $2.2k proposal for the CryptoShow, we really need to see some metrics on each sponsorship's effectiveness. Nearly all major mainstream podcast sponsors do giveaway coupons or a special URL so they can...
  2. Willy Woo

    Masternodes are 60% of holdings

    Here's my interesting number of the week: 60.5% of Dash supply is locked up in masternodes. Is this a good number? 100% = Dash is a store of value, not used as payments 0% = network is dead. No nodes. 60% = majority of holders are long term bullish as a store of value and are actively...
  3. Willy Woo

    A study on Dash price and market cap valued as a payments network.

    Dash's focus is a payment network so transaction turnover will be key. Let's run some numbers... This is Bitcoin's transaction turnover as a function of their marketcap: Source: Source Data: For Bitcoin, the...
  4. Willy Woo

    Does BitFury's new research findings impact Dash's PrivateSend

    I was having an conversation with one of the Monero devs on Twitter and it brought to light that BitFury's new research published in their recent whitepaper has methods to untangle some CoinJoin transactions. (Page 2) : Shared send. Users organize into groups (via an intermediary) and tangle...
  5. Willy Woo

    Are ring signatures still going to be implemented?

    I'm looking at a Tweet posted in 2014 stating that ring sigs would be implemented in DASH. Is this still on the cards? Anyone know?