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    Budget Proposal - Renew Sponsorship of Future Tech Podcast (Dash interviews)

    All, Thank you for sponsoring the future tech podcast so we can continue to find and interview people associated with the Dash world. Here are a few links to past interviews: Amanda B. Johnson...
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    Help Adoption of Dash - Sponsor Future Tech Podcast

    All, I've recently launched a proposal to interview more Dash-related folks on the Future Tech Podcast. So far, we have Amanda B. Johnson and Perry Woodin of Node 40. Goal is to interview more Dash-related folks and help increase the adoption of Dash. We're currently breaking through 400...
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    Pre-Proposal (Dash sponsor Future Tech Podcast?)

    All, We recently interviewed Amanda B. Johnson for our Future Tech Podcast, and will be interviewing Perry Woodin (Node 40) tomorrow. Dash appears to be an up and coming crypto currency that has a ton of great features (instant send, etc), and we'd like to interview more Dash-ficionados on the...