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  1. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    What's the point in restarting masternodes regularly? Using the stop command or by killing the process with a SIGTERM? I generally would recommend to use scripts which only start the daemon when it is not running (based on the PID file or by process name in a single node setup).
  2. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    No PoSe penalty problems here either, except for usual DoS Attacks which require proper mitigation.
  3. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.14 on Mainnet

    Build & update worked seamlessly. Thanks!
  4. Figlmüller

    Attention Dash Masternode Owners: Please register with the Deterministic Masternode List now

    Alright, looks like I missed that. I'm sorry. I'll take that claim back :)
  5. Figlmüller

    Attention Dash Masternode Owners: Please register with the Deterministic Masternode List now

    When trying to register we came across the following error message, which does not tell what's exactly wrong: bad-protx-key-not-same (code 16) (code -1) But the sources reveal the following: if (!deterministicMNManager->IsDeterministicMNsSporkActive(pindexPrev->nHeight)) {...
  6. Figlmüller

    Bitmain slows down

    To me, at least here in central Europe it seems to be dead. Most people I know did GPU Mining at home with a few rigs (50-100 GPUs) back in the days - they mined the most profitable coin and did some trading. That was years ago. But there are still some people mining with ASICs - and they are...
  7. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Okay, thanks. Maintaining JSON scheme validity seems reasonable :) Btw, do you know what measures are in place to verify the resources loaded and compiled by the new `depends` system? Previously we just used the dependencies installed on the build server which we could have audited (by...
  8. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Thanks for your explanation and clarifying the order of the steps! I have a few more questions: If one has not sent the registration yet, how come the fields "owneraddress" and "votingaddress" are already filled out? (according to the masternode list) Where do the addresses come from (after...
  9. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Hmm, ok. The build works fine here with the new depends arch. Looks like the libraries have been linked statically - thus increasing the binary size. LDD shows no deps on local libs except the essential ones (libc, ...) Anyways, what is the supposed way to start a masternode now? The protocol...
  10. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Hi, I figured that out too. The deps took ages to compile. Is there a way to exclude qt? And: I used BerkleyDB > 4.8 before - this will be in conflict now, as the "depends" contain BerkleyDB 4.8, right? Also, even though proper dependencies are being used to build dash-core - they are still...
  11. Figlmüller

    Dash Core v0.13 on Mainnet

    Hi, I'm unable to compile Dash 0.13.0 due to the following error: CXX bls/libdashconsensus_la-bls.lo In file included from bls/bls.cpp:5:0: bls/bls.h:14:27: fatal error: chiabls/bls.hpp: No such file or directory #include <chiabls/bls.hpp> ^ compilation...
  12. Figlmüller

    Why restrict port for mainnet?

    I think because some people don't like poking holes into their firewalls for every outgoing connection or datagram packet to random ports. 1 Port = 1 Service. That's what we have agreed upon, how it has always been, and what makes lifes of sysadmins easier. So: Why should it be "flexible"?
  13. Figlmüller

    Telegram Chat compromised !!!

    ...but what if the tungfa forum account has been compromised? Are you in posession of any GPG keys or some sort, so you could publish news digitally signed?
  14. Figlmüller

    daemon=1 or daemon=0 for masternode vps?

    On masternodes you will want to go for daemon=1, obviously (as stated by the masternode guides). Please consult the documentation of the bitcoin-core (which is the base of dash) and Wikipedia for more information.
  15. Figlmüller

    daemon=1 or daemon=0 for masternode vps?

    From the official documentation:
  16. Figlmüller

    Dash Network Docs?

    Hi, I would like to know whether there are any docs explaining how the Dash network exactly works (especially governance system or everything not already covered by the bitcoin core). I already came across the dash whitepapers and the wiki, but I would like to learn more about the...
  17. Figlmüller

    payout every 10 days now?

    There are more masternodes out there. That's why. Or at least, it's the main reason. I still remember being paid bi-weekly in 2014, but a lower amount though. Just sit back and relax. If you are depending on masternode rewards as a source of income, you have another problem :)
  18. Figlmüller

    Masternode payment lost?

    Hi, ours also take around two weeks to receive payments after issuing a start command. Currently, payments are issued every 7-8 days. Keep in mind, that the new versions of dashd require more RAM than the previous, pre .12 ones. When the server runs out of memory, the masternodes may appear to...
  19. Figlmüller

    Client verbindet nicht

    Diese Version ist um Juni 2016. Hoffnungslos veraltet. Probiers mal mit einer neuen Wallet.
  20. Figlmüller

    correct sentinel crontab log string?

    Yep, that's right. 2>&1 will redirect STDERR to STDOUT when being used like you mentioned. Else, it will only write the output of the command to the file, but not error messages. The order is important.
  21. Figlmüller

    Version 12.2 release

    What about high network traffic and connection count? I noticed an increase from usually ~18 connections to ~100 per node to dashd resulting in ~3.6 Mb/s. Traffic is also coming from weird hosts such as web and mailservers. Another DDoS wave?
  22. Figlmüller

    Version 12.2 release

    Yea, that's right. Mea culpa. At least I jumped directly to 12.2.1, skipping 12.2.0 - this may not be the case for all.
  23. Figlmüller

    Version 12.2 release

    The protocol version changed with this update. You'll need to update your local cold wallet too and issue a start to make it work again.
  24. Figlmüller

    MN will not stay online after withdrawing payments

    I suggest you check your cron.log. If enabled, launching the sentinel tool should be logged. Also non zero exit codes may be logged there. I also suggest to redirect the sentinel output to a separate log file, for example by appending >> sentinel-cron.log 2>&1 which will redirect and append...
  25. Figlmüller

    Norton Security says Dash Trojan?

    Wait! Please check the file siganture first, to ensure it has not been tampered with! The developers always post the file hashes on their website. They also post PGP signatures. You should at least check whether the hash value of your local file matches with the one published on the website...
  26. Figlmüller

    Best Place to ask questions about starting Masternode

    Unless you are going for headless windows servers, I would suggest to stick with unix like OSs because of the memory overhead. Also your home network getting DoSed is something you should be aware of (sometimes not the kind of DoS you can filter using your FW). Same goes for shitty...
  27. Figlmüller

    Masternode Docker Image?

    Currently, five threads below yours is a guide explaining how to set up a masternode within a container solution. including a docker compose file.
  28. Figlmüller


    Why should they? The amount of active masternodes is still rising and the maximum amount is fixed.
  29. Figlmüller

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Weeell, yea. btw. Until you run into a systemd update introduced by the newest Debian upgrade, which renames your interfaces and takes your machine offline or some bullshit like that. Watch out for predictable network interface names, guys ;) So, yea. If you ever upgrade to Debian 9 on a ESXi...
  30. Figlmüller

    Dash-cli command line and password with spaces - bad?

    Just do what you usually do with CLI options containing whitespace. Wrap them in quotes. For example: #: ./someApplication --option "Parameter with whitespace" #: cp "/home/user/Folder Whitespace/" "/home/user/CopyOtherFolder/" Depending on the operating system and shell you may also escape...
  31. Figlmüller

    Watchdog_Expired Error

    ...that your watchdog expired. In addition to the masternode itself you have to run a watchdog, called "Sentinel". Sentinel is no daemon running in the background, thus it is intended to be run periodically - every minute is recommended (I think I run it every...
  32. Figlmüller

    hide masternode IP

    You mean a risk for the masternode owner. They coin (currency) will be fine. That's the point in decentralization.
  33. Figlmüller

    [advanced] Running masternodes in containers

    Only if you use a container solution as a service. You can set up a container solution, for example a docker swarm yourself on dedicated servers. Together with a private registry, monitoring and fault tolerancy you can easily get down to 2.5 EUR/2,98 USD per Node per month (assuming the machines...
  34. Figlmüller

    Large debut.log, can I delete it?

    Well, another option would be to rotate your logfiles and archive them. Just be sure to trim it in place without deleting the file.
  35. Figlmüller

    MN bandwith requirements

    I'm at around 70-90 GiB/mo per VM and Masternode
  36. Figlmüller

    Do I need multiple servers if I have multiple masternodes?

    Actually, Actually, a second network interface with another public IP is sufficient if the (virtual) hardware meets all the requirements (CPU/RAM/DISK). You can either run them side by side, within a container solution, or otherwise isolated.
  37. Figlmüller

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Some toughts I would like to add to the suggested ruleset by chaeplin: The default policy on the INPUT chain there is ACCEPT. Going through the firewall will, as expected, reduce the impact of the current attacks. So far so good. But the firewall will still allow connections to any listening...
  38. Figlmüller

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Correct me if 'm wrong, but already established connections should not be affected because of -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT before the mentioned lines, which may include existing masternode connections. At least as I understand it, you should not be able to...
  39. Figlmüller

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    I'm running all nodes at a limit of 256 connections. Depending on the kind of attack and measures taken to stop packets reaching the listening application, it still may be not enough. I don't really know the impact of allowing 256 connections on a dash node regarding memory allocation/usage and...
  40. Figlmüller

    Ongoing DDoS attack on masternode network

    Sorry to bother you again, but I checked your rules once again and stumbled upon the first rules: -A INPUT -p udp -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable -A INPUT -p tcp -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset -A INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-proto-unreachable It's already late here in...