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    Will DM you @Anika Saxena
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    Hey @Victor Tabram - I'll DM you
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    Hey @kempenovak - really sorry you're having trouble. Can you DM me your order details please and I will try and get this sorted for you?
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    Hey @Joshpace28 - Sorry mate. I've not been on for a few days and missed this. Are you still having problems? Let me know and I'll do my best to help out
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    Not enough for full node, what to do then?

    Busted by feds? For what? As for death, you'd have to ask him about that, but as he asked me about me having a plan if I died, I'd guess he's covered. But like I say, a valid point that I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss. Running away also possible of course. He handles a lot of money for a...
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    Not enough for full node, what to do then?

    I, and certainly many others here, would recommend splawiks masternode share service. I have used him for a long time for partial masternode shares. Great guy and really helpful. I cashed some out only a few days ago and had the dash returned within minutes. Calling @splawik21
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    Hi @Zedy sorry for the late reply. Can you please pm me with more details like your name and amount and order reference and I will get this sorted for you
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    Dash Logo

    Hi Dale Try here
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    Charles Hoskinson from Ethereum Classic Asks Questions to the DASH Community About DASH

    Really great job guys. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated :)
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    Updated and Redesigned Dash Android Wallet now on GooglePlay:

    That looks amazing. Nice work guys. D̶o̶w̶n̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ Updating now :)
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    Darkcoin just announced it's Open Source Code !!! ....>>

    Haha, sounds like fun mate. Rather you than me ;)
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    No problem, my pleasure. Thanks again for your patience and custom. :D
  14. calnaughtonjnr - warning

    I had someone buy coins from me and wasn't happy that they didn't arrive. I checked his address and sent him the transaction id proving I sent him the coins as soon as he paid. I got him to send me a screenshot of his wallet and there it was, I'll get this info and a warning...
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Thanks! We're actually working on a design and spec for v3 which has got loads more cool features like loyalty / rewards scheme. Still working on how the back end is going to fit together, but maybe you'd be up for taking a look when we get to that stage? Would be interested to see what you had...
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Update: Live chat added to allow us to respond to customer questions quicker.
  17. calnaughtonjnr

    Upgrading your Node40 hosted masternodes

    Don't worry, I'm having a very similar problem.
  18. calnaughtonjnr

    Upgrading your Node40 hosted masternodes

    Love this. Top work guys :grin:
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Yeh, I agree. We do. It's just a concern who sells on these type of platforms and if they are honest enough to send the coins. Probably would need something a little more sophisticated I think, maybe with built in escrow?
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Not really, it's just for people I run site with. When it's just me selling, I have a bit of time where I'm not available and it doesn't make for a great service. This has kind of aided that weakness, enabling us to try and be quick to fulfil orders thoughout a 24hr period. Thanks! Drop me a...
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Cheers mate :grin:
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Yeh, been on this for just over a year now I think. I think the old URL was
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    BuyDash Updated Site

    Hey all, just finished updating the BuyDash site. We've moved our URL to We've also implemented a new backend to allow more than one person to sell Dash on the site and system to generate voucher codes which will add extra Dash onto a purchase. The code FEB2070 will give an...
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    Improved Budget Proposal Tracker:

    Love this. My favourite way of keeping up to speed on budget stuff. Thanks man! Keep up the good work
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    DASH away from and shake off that dum ideal

    Most entertaining thread for a while :grin:
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    TNABC = personal view II

    Seriously exciting times ahead. What a team...
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    Open a Dash store for gadgets / help

    I've used these before. Everything worked perfectly. Really happy with them
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    Best bid/ask exchange?

    I use and never had any problems.
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    Bouught JC3 today. Great price, great support. Thanks guys. :smile:
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    iPhone DashWallet Release

    Wow, that looks quality. Great job.
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    WTB DASH in exchange for silver

    How many Dash are you looking per coin InTheWoods ?
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    WTB dash wanted from UK member

    Did you know about BuyDash and CryptoMate? Both UK based, fast and extremely reliable.
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    WTB dash wanted from UK member

    How many you after GrandMasterDash ?
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    qwizzie's cryptogram puzzle round 3 (Solved)

    Proclaim not all thou knowest, all thou owest, all thou hast, nor all thou canst Some curve balls in that one. Canst?!
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    qwizzie's cryptogram puzzle round 3 (Solved)

    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight Where ignorant armies clash by night