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  1. calnaughtonjnr

    BuyDash Updated Site

    Hey all, just finished updating the BuyDash site. We've moved our URL to We've also implemented a new backend to allow more than one person to sell Dash on the site and system to generate voucher codes which will add extra Dash onto a purchase. The code FEB2070 will give an...
  2. calnaughtonjnr

    dash-tx - error: invalid transaction encoding

    I'm trying to use this ./dash-tx -json 7be88fd06434229ab32cfeb20824f434c51884a77b4b4d068646f03dde2e23ee And I'm getting error: invalid transaction encoding I just copied the syntax from the bitcoin example here Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong please?
  3. calnaughtonjnr

    WTS Two AMD R9 290X (Powercolor) - both water cooled Bought together in Feb 2014. Added Corsair GPU cooling bracket and Corsair H75 Hydro Water Cooler to each in Feb 2015. These have been easing through ultra settings on any game I've thrown at it, on a 4k monitor. With the water coolers, they don't go above 60º...
  4. calnaughtonjnr

    Debug Console won't open.

    Wallet opens as normal, but when I click Tools>Debug Conlsole. Nothing happens. Can anyone help? Edit: Info, Debug Console and Network Monitor all do nothing when clicked.
  5. calnaughtonjnr

    dashd getbalance.

    Is it possible to get balance of a completely separate wallet address using the dashd getbalance command?
  6. calnaughtonjnr

    Dash update and Abe

    Does anyone know the config for Abe install after updating to ./dashd? Is it just datadir = [{ "dirname": "/***pathtodash***/.dash/", "loader": "blkfile", "chain": "Dash", "code3": "DASH", "address_version": "\u004c" }]
  7. calnaughtonjnr

    Branding Guidlines

    Have there been any branding guidelines released yet for the new identity? Not sure if I'd missed them or if they are still being worked out.
  8. calnaughtonjnr

    Using PHP and darkcoind

    Is there anything that can help me use php with darkcoind? Specifically, I need to generate wallet addresses.
  9. calnaughtonjnr

    Message after masternode start command.

    I have just started 2 masternodes. On the one, I got response successfully started masternode On the other masternode started remotely What is the difference between the two responses?
  10. calnaughtonjnr

    WTS Antminer S3 450+GH/s with Corsair CX750M PSU & Cables

    Purchased end of August 2014. Will be putting on eBay & Gumtree too. 70DRK including UK postage, if anyone's interested? Comes with power Supply and cables to get up and running straight away. Will reset to factory or can set-up for you before I send it. I will post overseas, but at buyers cost.
  11. calnaughtonjnr

    Abe MySQL Queries

    Can anyone give me some pointers on using MySQL queries to get data out of Abe please? I've been doing some serious googling and also been looking through, but really struggling. I'd like to get a list of transactions received for an address and would also like to get the data in...
  12. calnaughtonjnr

    (Another) Abe Question

    Everything seems to be working well, but get the following error message when requests are made. Will this cause a problem? Can anyone tell me what it means please? RPC Failed: [Errno socket error] [Error 111] Connection refused catch_up_rpc: abort
  13. calnaughtonjnr

    Multiple Masternode Payments

    Is it possible to use the same wallet on multiple masternodes? I was just looking through the MN JSON from and saw a few things that stuck out. Wondered if anyone would explain? This address was showing up twice, and the it's payments looked quite high and more often. Also saw this...
  14. calnaughtonjnr

    Can't get Abe working after update to 11.0.7

    Could anyone give me a hand with this please? ./darkcoind getinfo shows the blocks are up to date. I just get an error when I try to run Abe.
  15. calnaughtonjnr

    Multiple Masternodes

    I'm now in the position to start another Masternode. I have been seeing a few different threads on multiple MNs and start many. Does anyone know which is the most up to date and best method?
  16. calnaughtonjnr

    Have I been blacklisted from

    I can't access the explorer at all. I can't even access either. If I turn my WiFi off and connect using mobile data, I get in. I have been putting in a few request over the last 2-3 days, so that could be it. If so, can I get access back somehow? Edit: My Wallet is also having...
  17. calnaughtonjnr

    DRK.MN Active Count

    On home page, most servers are showing as 100% active, but on the JSON returned from most are showing active count 2. Shouldn't this put them at 50% ?
  18. calnaughtonjnr

    Can't programmatically get wallet balance from

    I have a routine that gets my wallet balance and sends it to me. It's stopped working today though. It grabs it from here But for some reason, I'm now getting a 503 server unavailable error. It works fine if I paste the URL into a...
  19. calnaughtonjnr

    API to get received amounts and date//time for an address

    Is there an APi anywhere that will return payments received for a given address along with when and what time, that anyone knows of?
  20. calnaughtonjnr

    Masternode average payout

    I just got paid over 2DRK on my MN. I know we have now hit the 35%, and straight after that happened I think I had about 1.75 twice. Over 2 seemed quite high to me. Is that correct for the current MN situation?
  21. calnaughtonjnr

    Another benefit of Android wear

    Had a spare evening and had been wanting something like this for a while Design was completely thrown together, but will smarten it up for v2. Great if, like me, you only have 1 MN.
  22. calnaughtonjnr

    Masternode Android Monitor

    I've been working on an Android app to monitor Masternode status and payments. I've seen that there are a few really good tools appearing now that people are making to do the same job and I'm wondering if it's worth carrying on with it. Would there be much demand for MN info on a mobile...
  23. calnaughtonjnr

    What kind of return would I get on...

    ... mining with my current set-up? I've got 2 x Radeon R9 290X. I don't get time to play much in my Steam library anymore. Does anybody have a rough idea of how many coins I would pull in if I started mining?
  24. calnaughtonjnr

    Still no masternode payments :(

    Had my MN up for over 3 days now and still no payment. Should I give it any longer or would it be wise to look at starting over?
  25. calnaughtonjnr

    Using darkcoin-abe

    Does anyone know if there is a tutorial or video for installing & using darkcoin-abe?
  26. calnaughtonjnr

    What kind of returns are people getting from your setups?

    I'm not sure if its normal to return such amounts as I came from Doge, but on 2 x R9290X, I'm probably getting 0.09DRK a day. With a combined hashrate of 5-6MH/s. Does that sound about right? What's everyone else getting?