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  1. TanteStefana

    New Frustrations; Who’s at fault and does it even matter?

    My Opinions: The Dash Network has been frustrated with the price and ranking of our project for a very long time, and for a long time it was a mystery why we were doing so poorly. With instant transactions and chain locks making the network super secure, especially against 51% attacks, we felt...
  2. TanteStefana

    Budget system needs non-technical help

    As a MNO, I'm very frustrated. I am not equipped to vote on proposals that have huge budgets that i can not evaluate. The problem is not deciding if we want something so much as how much it costs. How can we evaluate if the cost is reasonable? But that isn't the worst of the problem. The...
  3. TanteStefana

    Cancun is now Dash World!

    Hey, JZA just posted this on Steem: Can you imagine? City buses with Dash written all over them? My heart is in this project (not part of the team though) It may seem too soon to some, but I really think a top notch tourist town like...
  4. TanteStefana

    Destination Cancun!

    So I'm campaigning for this proposed project this month because I really think it's an amazing opportunity and proposed by amazing people: Dash Destination : Cancun! I honestly can't believe how badly this proposal is going. I suppose it's not a simple project to understand, especially since...
  5. TanteStefana

    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    We are about a year away from Evolution being launched. I would like to see the core team start storing money for a huge campaign that would run all over the world, at the same time, plus expanding the team that on-boards merchants. Seeing Jza's proposal for Cancun, a very beautiful and...
  6. TanteStefana

    Proposals I would like to see now :)

    First, no proposal should be longer than 3 months, and monthly proposals are preferred until we can make payments in less volatile currencies, like USD, Euro or gold equivalents. Next, I think tutorials should be put on hold until Evolution comes out at the end of the year because everything...
  7. TanteStefana

    Ask a Question about Dash Thread

    I'm creating this thread to sort of be a Q&A for newbs. Sometimes it's hard to find the answer in the wiki, and sometimes people want it explained another way. With trolls constantly crying "Scam" "Centralized" "insecure" etc... I invite anyone who wants to learn to come here for one on one...
  8. TanteStefana

    We need Merchants USING Dash!

    Looks like Dash is bouncing back pretty hard. Still, I'm really getting worried here. A lot of time and money is being spent on the same things over and over, website and logo, marketing, etc... Don't get me wrong, I agree these things are important, but I see this gaping hole that isn't...
  9. TanteStefana

    The Dash Foundation needs attention

    First, the Dash Foundation's website ought to be in the community listings, in my opinion :) We really need the foundation to do several jobs for the network; jobs that require an entity. It's already doing this work: Act as a legal entity for the network when required: holds ownership of...
  10. TanteStefana

    Dash ATM Pre/Possible Proposal Discussion

    Hello all, I was wondering if it might be feasible to create some kind of incentive / funding help to businesses to install Dash Lamassu ATMs around the world. I doubt they're profitable (they only make a small percentage off of each transaction, and I highly doubt any of them get that much...
  11. TanteStefana

    Dash "stock split"

    Since this is the testnet, and I figure any question can be asked here, LOL, I want to ask what you all think if we did a "stock split". We'd take 1 Dash and move the decimal over by one, and turn them into 10 Dash. This would increase psychological liquidity from 6.5 million coins to 65...
  12. TanteStefana

    Support Liquidity Providers Pls VOTE

    OK ATTENTION ALL MN OWNERS! we have maybe 2 days to finish voting for this month's budget and it disturbs me that the liquidity provider proposal has not gotten enough votes to pass. The price has been lowered 65% and although the Liquidity Providers have been running their wallets since...
  13. TanteStefana

    Synereo up over 200% what is it?

    OK, so it's a social network with a pre-sale and a 30 month developer payment scheduled for 10% of total. Sounds interesting, except when your read deeper into their system, I don't know if users have to run their own wallets on a VPS to use this thing, which would make it a toy for techies...
  14. TanteStefana

    Tante's Plea for Voting Participation

    I think a lot of people have noticed the increasing complexity of budget proposals in this past month. With 6 proposals still up for grabs for this cycle, I thought I'd put out an overview and as best as I can understand, potential rewards for Dash or reasons for Dash to fund these proposals...
  15. TanteStefana

    Meetup in Barcalona Spain

    if anyone can make it :) Andreas the Mighty Greek will be there :)
  16. TanteStefana

    This band should have been so much BIGGER

    They were my favorite back in the 80's Ladies and Gentlemen, The Untouchables!
  17. TanteStefana

    If this is real, it's outragious!

    Interview with Rob Kirby who talks about something he calls an "exchange stabilization fund" which has been manipulating the world market since the 1930s
  18. TanteStefana

    Bitshares help please?

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me understand the Bitshares infrastructure. I understand what Bitshares does, but I don't understand who gets to be a worker, or if workers get paid, and what they get paid??? Has anybody been following this project?
  19. TanteStefana

    Hummm what's this? Please help find BTC archive site?

    This post I made on BCT was deleted: Quote I can't find who posted this link, or remember how I came across it, but it was a very good read. If you have any doubts about our pet trolls here, all you have to do is read this and all will be made clear...
  20. TanteStefana

    Tante Stefana’s *Sometimes* update

    Ha ha, really, I’ve had craziness at home. My daughter joined a theater troop which is quite a drive away. They’re very serious about attendance and demand a lot of time, PLUS her school orchestra teacher honored her as one of the students to play with the LA Opera, in a community event that...
  21. TanteStefana

    "General" just about covers it.

    Just reading on Bloomberg, quote from IMF head Christine Lagarde "“Virtual currencies and their underlying technologies can provide faster and cheaper financial services, and can become a powerful tool for deepening financial inclusion in the developing world,” Nice to know she actually...
  22. TanteStefana

    What could Milo possibly mean? Note the part where he says "With the other currencies, they are so volatile — and in some cases, so new — that most seem to still prefer the big B. Personally, I go for the the big D. And I don’t mean Dogecoin." LOL
  23. TanteStefana

    Tante's Sometimes Weekly update #3!

    Wow, what a week, eh? The long awaited North American Bitcoin Conference finally arrived. To this moment, we’re still awaiting official word on how it went and what all happened, but luckily Babygiraffe gave us his point of view, as he was there as part of the Soda Machine contingent :D...
  24. TanteStefana

    Tante Stefana's Sometimes Weekly Update :P

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday! In so many ways, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exemplifies what many of us are trying to do for society by creating workable digital currencies, free from the corruption of Institutions and manipulation by Governments. It's nothing short of taking back the...
  25. TanteStefana

    Tanta's Lighthearted Week in Review 1-4-2016

    Happy New Year! Despite all the reveling, the Dash core team has been hard at work. Some highlights from the week: Camosoul, Solarminer, Moocowmoo, Oaxaca, Raptor_73 and other members who have stepped up to help, have come up with, what Oaxaca rightfully claims is a “cunning plan”. Yes...
  26. TanteStefana

    Core Team Budget Update Proposal

    Hi everyone, Currently, we have a core team that work very hard for Dash. Right now, they're paid 1176 DASH, which amounts to a little over $4000. Yet our team more than doubled. So I would like to know if there would be any support to increase their "salaries". According to the website...
  27. TanteStefana is cancelling multipool and Alt Coins

    The multipool has been closed since December 15 and so the 500 MH someone is running is going to waste. Also, they are no longer trading Dash, and you need to retrieve your funds, if you have any there. Please see...
  28. TanteStefana

    1 Year Later

    It's been a little over a year since the foundation began. Unfortunately, we have seen it fall by the way side, mostly because those on the board are in fact extremely busy coding, etc... There are many reasons why the foundation should not be allowed to disintegrate. That is why I would like...
  29. TanteStefana

    Keep your MN up and running after crash! (ubuntu > 1 users, one installed dashd)

    AT the end of this tutorial, I'll make it quick and sweet for those who don't care about the whys ;) and just want the hows! What will you learn? You will learn here how to set up a couple of cron jobs per user, so that if the server is restarted or the dashd daemon crashes, it will...
  30. TanteStefana

    Cryptonote Explained

    This was my question, how does cryptonote work? And below is my attempt to answer it from the input I received from some very nice people, thank you! Edit: I'm including here input from people working on projects that use cryptonote as they understand it best. The purpose of this thread is...
  31. TanteStefana

    Self-sustainable Governance by blockchain structure proposal CMCO model

    CMCO = Core, Marketing, Contracting model I proposed in the announcement thread that everyone with an idea for how the Self-sustainable Governance by Blockchain proposal Evan posted today, April 22, 2015 (mark that day, it'll be a world holiday soon!) should work, make a thread and have people...
  32. TanteStefana

    The Rolling Thread :) (go to end for newest posts)

    I don't know about you all, but I've gotten quite tired of all the trolls on BCT. I know we need to keep a presence there, it's the main outlet to the world, but the fact is, it's the funnest thread (when there aren't such nasties around) because all kinds of subjects, ideas, news, etc... come...
  33. TanteStefana

    We want to accept darkcoin payments, how to?

    Hello. My husband wrote a couple of books which we sell on In order to participate in the best royalties, we can not sell our ebooks anywhere else, however, we are allowed to sell the paperback anywhere we like. The paperbacks will soon be ready and we thought we'd accept Darkcoin...
  34. TanteStefana

    newbie update your masternode

    I just did my first video tutorial on how to update your masternode - without a protocol update. If there is a protocol update, like going from to, then you would have to download the newest wallet to your local machine, open it and restart your masternode which can be done...
  35. TanteStefana


    The current situation with Mintpal shows us that something simply has to be done about these exchanges. It's a trusted system in what should be an entirely untrusted, on the blockchain solution. It's high time someone does this, and I think that our masternode network is the perfect structure...
  36. TanteStefana

    How to buy Darkcoins? (USA) and hopefully more info in comments

    One of the easiest and safest ways to buy Darkcoin in the USA is to go to an entrusted company, buy Bitcoins, send them to an exchange then buy Darkcoins. You can do this by opening an account with someone like Coinbase and allow them access to your banking account so that you can buy Bitcoins...
  37. TanteStefana

    Is my idea off track? Please look :)

    I made a suggestion on how we might pay the masternodes, but InternetApe said it would be too much centralization. However, I think he is wrong. But I'll put it out here and see what you all think? Maybe you can explain to me where I'm going wrong :) I realized that the reason we don't pay...
  38. TanteStefana

    Oh dear, My account may have been hacked?

    I'm afraid I used a bad password on Bitcointalk. I think someone took it over. It's not one I use anywhere else, but still, bad situation! email not being sent to my email
  39. TanteStefana

    Remote MasterNode guide UPDATED

    This is edited for the way RC3 LOCAL/REMOTE MASTERNODES will work see below for current remote/local setup (can't take local offline though) First step is to set your remote server up. This is not covered in this guide. Please see chaeplin's guide. Definitions: Local Machine = the machine...
  40. TanteStefana

    Warning about VirWox Will charge you 4% at every turn, don't use them! USD to BTC cost me nearly 13% on commissions and prices were way below what other exchanges offer. I've experienced a total loss of 17.5% PLUS a 2 day wait for my coins!! Had I used Coinbase, I would have paid about 3% and since I...