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  1. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Hello Saul, thanks for your support and your nice words about us! Hope that you can track our job and be proud of our progress. God bless you too!
  2. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Hello Pepe, thanks for your nice words and your support!
  3. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Hey! We are glad that you like it. Yes, we will be waiting for your call! :) Thanks for your support!
  4. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    Hello! I´m Carlos Echeverria from the DASH Help - Venezuela team. Thanks for your support! Glad you like our work!
  5. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: First ever Brick and Mortar Crypto/Dash Poker Tournament

    Hey, where are you going to do the tournaments?
  6. carlosjem

    free dash lottery - mass marketing

    I don´t understand. You mean free lottery tickets but charge 0,5 USD for each ticket? Wait for your reply. Tks!!
  7. carlosjem

    Dash Dashboard

    Thank your for replying so quickly. I pass through the same problem as you collecting information about dash in different places in order to make 1 simple decision. You already convinced. Do you have a cost breakdown about your proposal?
  8. carlosjem

    Pre-proposal: Press saying Strike Social (Inc. 500 No. 17) accepting Dash for digital advertising

    I think this could work Do you have a detailed cost breakdown? Who is behind this pre-proposal, or better say how can we be assure that actually you are from strike social? Wait for your reply!
  9. carlosjem

    Dash Dashboard

    Don´t you think this would only be usefull to traders? I´m not against your proposal, but I ask it just for knowing the real interest about what you offer. Wait for your reply!
  10. carlosjem


    Nice! Congratulations. See you around!!
  11. carlosjem

    Liberty Forum Sponsorship and Dash Exclusivity

    I think this could work. What do you think about Charlie Shreem? I asked you this because my brother told me that in Discord Dash channel someone told him thtat Charlie didn´t deliver the project he supposed to launch with the money allocated him to work with. I don´t know if I´m talking...
  12. carlosjem

    ALL ABOUT DASH Resource channel for Latin American audience

    Hey! I like this proposal, I'm from Venezuela and Yes, we need something like this youtube channel to educate more and more LaTam people. You look very proffesional people to work with, and the final product (demo versions) seems pretty fine. You have my support as a member of this huge...
  13. carlosjem

    Proposal: Building Dash community in Tallinn, Estonia

    I think this could work, but maybe a more detailed budget could help you to get more feedback from masternodes. You could make benchmark with people of Dash Caracas who are doing a great job here in Venezuela with activities like you want to make. Wish you luck!
  14. carlosjem

    Proposal: Help Venezuela digitize its economy

    What else do you need to officially launch this proposal? Didn´t you have enough positive feedback in order to do it? I think this proposals is a winner one. PS: I´m from Venezuela too
  15. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal Introducing Dash in Greece and Cyprus

    This looks nice to me. Promote your proposal better in order to have more feedback!
  16. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: DappDapp Integrating a Dash EcoSystem

    Do you think people will now pay to have more privacy in social media? That´s what I understanbd this proposal does my friend. Please clarify me. Tks!
  17. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal : Donation for the fee [ Dash News Weekly In Arabic And French ]

    Do you have some test videos on youtube? I think if people watch them it coulp help you to get more conffidence about this proposal. I mean, we could see your language and pedagogic level to teach about something. Wait for your reply!
  18. carlosjem


    I think this proposal cost is very low compared to other ones that passed already in the past. I would vote for this. I´m a witness that this kind of events really help make Dash get even more mainstream. Wish you luck! Post the preposal in Discord and Riddet channels (don´t spam just...
  19. carlosjem

    Advertising: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

    I think this could work pretty well to get Dash even more mainstream. But why don´t you drive to Frankfurt and have specific details about the ads and the marketing campaign in the airport, and show some results about the negotiation with the airport and the pre-decisions of your marketing...
  20. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal / Sponsorship Request: DASH Across Alaska - promoting DASH by dog team

    This look interesting! Did you promote this pre-proposals to Discord and Reddit channels? It seems people isn´t stopping to look at it.
  21. carlosjem

    Dash internships / Representation Office Thailand

    This looks interesting. I´ll wait for results and maybe we could replicate this in our country (Venezuela). It´s very good idea! Look forward to contact you @comeightman if this proposals success.
  22. carlosjem

    Pre-Porposal: Dash Sponsor 4 The Arcane Bear *15,000 Subscribers and growing

    I like this proposal. You have been someone recognized in Social Media and that's always nice for Dash, it would make our cryptocurrency to grow faster. I also would recommend you to try with 2 months first, and then show results. At the end as every member of the community, we need to take...
  23. carlosjem

    Pre pre proposal Idea for blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL

    Hey Rosa. Congrats about your job in the community! It seems to be awesome there in Tampa. The video in your webpage really amazed me, it´s very professional. Just one question: what´s your specialty/profession/doing for living? Hope this proposal pass! It would get greats benefits to Dash...
  24. carlosjem

    Sub-dao, voter delegation, or lowering the proposal fee. Best scaling options?

    Hey, thanks for write about this issue! I think a fixed $ USD ammount combined with a diversification system of proposals would organize better the whole process. It wouldn´t be so expensive to entrepenuers since DASH keeps growing strong, and it will become easier to masternodes to look for...
  25. carlosjem

    Support for Donations

    I don´t understand this proposal. Please clarify your thoughts
  26. carlosjem

    Dash Sky - a Large-scale Aerial Publicity Project

    This is nice. Paragliding never gets old-fashioned Do you have already social networks accounts? I would like to see some pro pictures of this activity and imagine how the DASH logo would seen up there in different ways. To help with this you could make some photoshop edition adding Dash logo...
  27. carlosjem

    University Crypto Mining Club

    Hello Dellane. I got some questions about your pre-proposal: 1) How are you possible to mine Dash with GPUs or S9? 2) Are you planning to mine other coins differents than Dash in this Club? 3) How many students you think you will track to get affiliate to this Club? 4) How will you promote...
  28. carlosjem

    Dash Serbia December Update

    Oh now I understand, sorry about it. Well, keep pushing, hope you keep growing. We need commited entrepeneurs like you in this community. Tks for the answers. Nice day
  29. carlosjem

    Dash Serbia December Update

    But what about those 2000 attendees (I didn´t read that before I asked, sorry) Did you have 2000 attendees in that event?
  30. carlosjem

    [Pre-Proposal] Add automated tests to Dash's code [closed]

    I´m not an expert in this field, but just one thing called my attention. As you said, If you have the money to invest the 5 DASH yo submit the proposal, and you also have friends that deeply invested in DASH, why don´t you collect the 5 DASH between you and them? I whink it would demonstrate...
  31. carlosjem

    Commited to DASH development, promotion and adoption in LaTam

    Commited to DASH development, promotion and adoption in LaTam
  32. carlosjem

    Pre-proposal: DashRadar development

    It seems retty clear and well conceptualize. Congrats!
  33. carlosjem

    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    This will be huge for DASH. Proposals like this give us even more confidence that 2018 is the DASH year. The governance system shown perfectly by this community could also be replicated in other fields in the world, and that would be thanks to DASH community and proposals like this. This is...
  34. carlosjem

    Split the Budget Proposal discussion into 2 sections !

    Nice idea, this will enhance the process of looking for pre-poposals and approved proposals updates. Thanks for sharing this solution.
  35. carlosjem

    Dash Across the Border Tour in the Bitcoin Bus 2018

    Hey family, great initiative But I got only one question: Why if this nice project is funded by DASH, the bus is still named Bitcoin Bus? In this cryptoworld Dash and Bitcoin are really big competitors, also Bitcoin seems like completely opposite than Dash culture and philosophy
  36. carlosjem

    The problem with the price

    Hi Beru, you got a really nice point on this post. Here in Caracas, we participated as merchants with another several entrepeneurs in a "Dash City" where people of Dash Caracas sucessfully created an ecosystem where new people in crypto could buy products and services paying with Dash (and...
  37. carlosjem

    Pre-proposal - Dash for the Belt

    Could you show us a video where Rory give positive feedback about the potential sponsorship by DASH trought Green Candle? It would give more confidence to Masternodes on this big proposal, don´t you think so? Wait for your nice reply
  38. carlosjem

    Pre-proposal - Dash for the Belt

    I would love to see this to proposal passing, the target is perfect! Dash would be addopted by so many people. One question, who´s going to be your escrow provider? Are you going to be yourself?