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  1. johnnydash

    Baikal A900 and the new A5 Dash Master (innosilicon)

    Hello everyone, I seem to be the master of getting the wrong PSU for my miners. (question) What is the eaziest and best PSU for the baikal a900 that i can plug in a 120v wall socket? A5 dash master has not come in yet. But my question is the same as the above. Please help. Correct info will...
  2. johnnydash

    Lost Dash Need Help

    Hey everyone :), Anyway I hope this is the right place to start this thread. But to get to the point. I opened my dash-qt this morning and all the dash was gone. I think i clicked the wallet repair button yesterday but i'm not sure as i had a few drinks. so i go to the debug log and search...