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  1. Syntax360

    Want to Buy a Good Idea? Neither Do I.

    My thread title is demonstrably false - buying into a good idea is precisely what I have done. But most people do not trade in ideas. Most people will probably recognize a good idea, and some among them will go so far as to casually endorse a good idea - but real products and services are the...
  2. Syntax360

    v12 Expected Payment Intervals?

    I've heard it said that the interval between payments has stretched a bit since the reference node system was done away with (up to 6-7 days?), but I haven't read anything "official" to substantiate that... So my questions: how often do we expect nodes to be issued payment? Is there anyone...
  3. Syntax360

    v12 Regularly Crashing on Raspberry Pi 2

    I've been running a MN on a Raspberry Pi 2 for right around 6 months now. This setup has run swimmingly on every prior version of Dash, right up until the first version of v12 when I began to experience frequent masternode crashes. The problem recurred very often on the earlier minor versions...