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  1. CODERsp

    Darksend Masternode vouts

    Hi! I'm interesting one question. I have dash-qt client with several masternode vouts. I've got some payments and I want mix them. But, how can I mix only non-masternode vouts? Do I need to lock them or client itself controls masternode vouts are untouchables? BTW, after I restart client...
  2. CODERsp

    Dash initiative

    Hi! I was thinking about, how to make DASH more popular and I have one interesting idea. DarkSend and InstantX are key features of DASH, which distinguish it from Bitcoin. But, in most times users (me too) use DASH as Bitcoin, without using DarkSend and InstantX, maybe habitually, or because it...
  3. CODERsp

    What is this?? MN payments

    3 payments in a row without MN amount.
  4. CODERsp

    Blockchain stuck at 207991 block

    I reindexed blocks, upgraded wallet, restarted client, no results. Difficulty: 0.00919712. P.S. No errors.
  5. CODERsp

    Strange masternode payment

  6. CODERsp

    Masternodes monitoring script (PHP+MySQL)

    I wrote masternodes monitoring script for myself and decided to post it here, because it can be useful for somebody. The idea is to get notifications about masternode payments and problems using, cron, php and mysql. I used Yii Framework as environment. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS...
  7. CODERsp

    Masternode missed payment

    Hello everyone! I have one new MN, that got 4 payments last time and these payments were stable (1000-1200 blocks), but the last payment was missed, 2112 blocks gone. How can I understand why it happened so? I worry, I have to get next MN payment and it can be missed too. Thanks.