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  1. joemoraca

    Pre-proposal: AgroCognitive - An ultimate solution to bring Dash to the fields (First month)

    There is a lot to read - is there "proof" that your system will actually work to help increase yields? Are you going to be pushing sustainable ag or just chemical use?
  2. joemoraca

    Change Block Reward % from 45/45/10 to 42.5/42.5/15

    The miners and masternode owners are doing work for their portion of the block rewards. I agree with @Stealth923
  3. joemoraca

    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I am not a fan of the multi color gradient but like the new concept.
  4. joemoraca

    Proposal: Core Team Compensation (April)

    Have you looked at the price of benefits? It would be good to add that for at least "key" team members ASAP.
  5. joemoraca

    Pre Proposal: Magento Dash Payments Plugin

    Well I don't have any Decred to fully test but I did check it out and it looks OK. Do you have anything in the Magento Marketplace? Dash is already in there with coingate (1% fee) - so a direct to store wallet with no fees...
  6. joemoraca

    Pre Proposal: Magento Dash Payments Plugin

    Do you have some example work - other plugins that you can link to so people can see your "resume"?
  7. joemoraca

    Pre Proposal: Magento Dash Payments Plugin

    so for your initial deliverable it would include at least a conversion from fiat (USD or store default) pricing to Dash (based on and upon the completion of a sale the Dash goes into a user/store owner assigned Dash wallet address?
  8. joemoraca

    Partnership With The Free Thought Project to Bring DASH to Millions

    the timeframe is tied to the monthly payment so you need to make the proposal for 3 months to get 3 payments
  9. joemoraca

    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    Good to see the latest update. Seems no one has good luck with delivery of crypto ATM machines
  10. joemoraca

    HardFork Series Masterthread

    Where will you be posting updates?
  11. joemoraca


    Is there an update somewhere?
  12. joemoraca


    Are you posting updates somewhere?
  13. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    Thanks for the very kind words. I needed a break from the 3 article deadlines a week with DFN. Perhaps I will find a new home for the proposal reviews I thought they were good to have out there. I certainly agree about POS systems being very important and hope to see Alt36 in the marketplace...
  14. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    I did attend the National Retail Federation "Big Show" in mid Jan. It was a very big event with over 36,000 people attending. The vendor area was huge - all 4 levels of it. I was able to meet with most of the payment processor / POS software vendors there and discuss Dash with them. On...
  15. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    I have posted several updates on the pre proposal tread at I wanted to add this update I provided for Dash Watch as I am not sure when they will publicly launch. Where is your preferred venue for proposal updates...
  16. joemoraca

    POS Integrations
  17. joemoraca

    Is there a resource detailing all past approved proposals?

    This is the best current resource
  18. joemoraca

    Pre-Proposal: POS Plugin/Merchant Acquisition for Accepting, Buying and Selling DASH

    Why are you not using the funding from your ICO for "merchant acquisition"? The development to add Dash is the small part.
  19. joemoraca

    POS Integrations

    I would like to discuss this with you - it is a great "opening" for getting Dash in front of POS vendors. I have a similar (ish) proposal already funded.
  20. joemoraca

    "Create a new proposal" not functioning properly?

    I just went to that screen and the dropdowns work for me using chrome
  21. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    My second conference will be the National Retail Federation "big show 2018" Jan 14-16. This is very heavy on retail technology see this list my goal is to meet with as many Point of Sale / Payment Processors as possible and discuss their adding Dash / crypto as a payment option. I also plan on...
  22. joemoraca

    Africa Promotions

    Wow an 8,000 km bike race from north to south Africa would be something exciting.
  23. joemoraca

    Pre Proposal: Facebook & Google Targeted Advertising

    So your answer to @tungfa is no you have never run any advertising campaigns before. You are asking for over $200,000 ($7k per day 30 days) with no "real" experience.
  24. joemoraca

    Dash Radio Advertising, 170+ stations.

    Thanks for the updates Mark. As a long time FTL podcast listener I can verify that the live reads are happening everyday and usually there is some other positive comment about Dash some time during the show .... how can there not be when compared to BTC ;-)
  25. joemoraca

    Austin Meetup / DASH Stats / 2x Videos on EverydayCrypto

    @Matt Robertson any update on this proposal? - I was trying to access the Dash stats.
  26. joemoraca

    [Pre-Proposal] Introduction and Dash Giveaway to New Users

    Have you posted any updates anywhere? I don't see anything.
  27. joemoraca

    Proposal: Amazon Advertising

    Have you ever provided an update on this proposal? Like how the funds were actually spent and how it impacted your business and what it may have done for Dash.
  28. joemoraca

    Pre-Proposal - DASH Introduction & Usability in Pakistan with POS using HBPAY

    Are you working directly with @Jamalulkhair Khairedin on this project? It would be good if he commented on updates needed for your project.
  29. joemoraca

    Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

    Are you a masternode owner? they are the only ones that can vote.
  30. joemoraca

    Dash Documentary Proposal - update

    As one would hope you did a good job with the video ;) I think you lay out your case pretty well.
  31. joemoraca

    Pre-proposal: Dash Branch of the Blockchain Library

    I sort of like the idea of a curated list of Dash resources but in this day of google it is just so easy to find things. Looking at your site I see that many of the links on this page have nothing to do with Dash - they are...
  32. joemoraca

    Dash Watch Pre-proposal

    This will be great just for the database side of having the elements all together. As a fellow "researcher" I know how weird most of the older data looks. I have also discussed this with Paragon and am very impressed with the commitment he has to make this project successful.
  33. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    Here are a few pictures from the Craft Beverage Expo: This is the conference app - they didn't have anything printed so everyone used the app for the schedule and viewing slides. Dash banner and some old fat guy (the author) Craft Beverage Expo 2017 Jan 7-9 Dash was the lanyard...
  34. joemoraca

    Dash is the currency even Mothers can use but Why would they use it?

    maybe because government money supports wars and mothers don't like war ... well there may be one or two that think like that
  35. joemoraca

    A simple voting strategy for MNOs

    @jimbursch I don't get the logic of how that voting pattern helps anything. Blindly voting yes / no / abstain seems all the same to me. May as well not vote.
  36. joemoraca

    Niche Market Trade Shows - POS Vendors

    I will get in touch after the Portland event next week. Thanks.
  37. joemoraca

    Proposal: Business Development - Wall of Coins Integration

    the date it was posted is at the bottom of the post - that was from Oct 2016.