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  1. LostInSpace

    Development Update on Towers and Dash IAP integration

    All information about the proposal and details/screenshots/roadmap can be found at: Update 2021-09-07: New shop screen mockup with prominent placed Dash buttons to show the 25% each player can save on purchases. Update 2021-09-20: New UI is finished...
  2. LostInSpace

    MyDashWallet proposal concept on DashNexus

    Lots of details on the completion of most tasks from the last proposal and our follow up proposal is now available at:
  3. LostInSpace

    Pre-Proposal: MyDashWallet Development Part 3

    TLDR: Our work on MyDashWallet, the bots, mixing services and native Android/iOS wallets continues. We are very happy with the user growth and positive feedback we are getting every day. This would be the third proposal for MyDashWallet and we are asking for 35 Dash * 3 months. Upcoming...
  4. LostInSpace

    MyDashWallet Continued Development

    Proposal is live at: TLDR: Should we create a ~20 Dash (*3 months) Proposal for continued development? We would work on cool features like better Trezor Support, many more Bot commands, Trustless Tipping, Custom Settings for...
  5. LostInSpace

    MyDashWallet with Tipping and Hardware Wallet Support

    Pre-Proposal Idea to check if this sounds interesting and has a chance to be voted in. With all the recent marketing proposals it might be a good time for a great development project. Is the cost (20 Dash) fair? Elevator Pitch will provide an easy way for anyone to create Dash...
  6. LostInSpace

    Proposal - BuyDash website: Easiest and fastest way to buy some Dash for Newcomers

    Proposal URL: Update 2017-06-01: Even though we got 415 yes votes, the 334 no votes were way too high and it seems the masternode community is not interested enough in this idea. Would have been risky, yes, but I still think we would have found a way to make...
  7. LostInSpace

    Why is no one here talking about Dash/USD or Dash/BTC prices?

    Hi Community, When I was watching videos from Amanda (see videos below) about the crazy rise of Dash 2 months ago, she always presented it very calmly and even at the top of over $100 about months ago, no one freaked out and it seems only a tiny number of big coin holders even dumped (which...
  8. LostInSpace

    Baikal Giant Miner A900 Mod to reduce Noise

    The Baikal Giant miners were too loud for my taste (see pictures of them arriving yesterday here), so I modded them by removing the superloud 12v 0.75a (9W) with CPU Coolers that perfectly fit (usually around 1-2W, so obviously less powerful) and also adding a bunch of older GPU coolers (5V...