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  1. AndyDark

    Proposal: Dash Platform Incubator

    Hi all! Just introducing this proposal and confirming it's from me... gobject hash: ab32b69aed342d4b30788787bca0b2dad89430454d50b0f4d30e6e41ac6fb552 Thanks Andy
  2. AndyDark

    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    Hi all, Now that the Evo protocol design is pretty much complete and implementations are running on DevNet I feel my main work in Core is done and I met my commitment to Evan that I made back in 2016 to help move Dash beyond raw, hard to use payments to solve a mainstream, usable, scalable and...
  3. AndyDark

    Opinion on DIP5-BlockchainUsernamePricingModel

    Proposal: ID: 675c83fb78e06a0bea6af72cfd729df40ec083a1185af86fc86d87130cd27cb1 Hi GrandMasterDash, Regarding your proposal DIP 0005 Blockchain Users, as one of the DIP authors from Core I’ll give my opinion here so that the...
  4. AndyDark

    Temporary disabling of InstandSend due to potential quorum exploit method

    Hi everyone, We'd like to inform you that with help from the community, we have discovered a potential exploit in the current InstantSend implementation which provides the chance for an attacker with 6 or more Masternodes to dominate an InstantSend quorum by brute forcing collateral transaction...
  5. AndyDark

    Introducing Dash Improvement Proposals, starting with 2MB Block implementation

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the publication of our first Dash Improvement Proposal, aka DIP, related to the initial scaling of the network to 2MB blocks that was agreed by a network vote last year: Modelled on the Bitcoin BIPs...
  6. AndyDark

    TedX Salt Lake City Sponsorship - 2017 - Not paid due to invalid Payment Address

    Please note that this proposal’s budget wasn’t included in the superblock due to an invalid payment address in the governance object. The object in question was: “TEDX-SALT-LAKE-CITY-SPONSORSHIP-2017“ a23e734ec6361df6f2458da03db5e066f025dc6a838917ab727e5eebd221243b...
  7. AndyDark

    Evolution Team Restructure & Recruitment

    Hi everyone, Following on from my announcement of the DashCore restructuring process, I’m pleased to announce that we have also completed recruitment for the Evolution backend / frontend development teams and optimized the internal structure by merging the various Evolution projects outside of...
  8. AndyDark

    DashCore Team Restructure and Recruitment

    Hi there, On behalf of the Core Team I’m pleased to announce that we have completed the recruitment into the DashCore development team and hired 6 new fulltime C++ developers who started yesterday, May 1st, raising the total full-time DashCore developers to 9. Running in tandem to our recent...
  9. AndyDark

    Evolution update

    Hi everyone, I'm Andy Freer and currently leading the Evolution web/mobile development team and reporting to Evan. I thought I would give some background on the Evo development and a (very) brief update as to where we are for those who are interested. Team structure Our team is designing &...
  10. AndyDark

    Ideas for improving InstantX adoption

    As V12 is just around the corner, I wanted to leave an idea for increasing Dash adoption which goes a bit like this... Personally I see instant transactions as the 'killer app' of Dash right now. I'm sure there will be more using the MN model, and privacy is great, but for normal user's...