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  1. ewok

    Dash Jobs for Venezuela

    Seeing the growth of Dash in Venezuela through conferences and @Dashmaximalist getfreedash, gave me the thought that another piece of adoption is creating jobs that are denominated in Dash. I had a report done on office costs and general monthly wages of various skilled jobs which can be...
  2. ewok

    Dash Now Live on ACX Exchange in Australia I think ACX white label hence the functionality of Dash being added will hopefully flow onto any others. Go Dash
  3. ewok

    Dash the Brand

    As Dash is growing and new businesses spring up to meet demand, how does the community view the following 1- "Dash" being used in the name of a business or in an Incorporated name? i.e. Dash Mart @fernando could you chime in with some thoughts on this?
  4. ewok

    Dash to Bank the Unbanked

    Dash To Bank Introduction to myself- I am a MN owner and also support the network with Baikal miners. I currently sit on my local Chamber of Commerce Board, involved in small business and other interesting projects. I was reading through old bitcoin articles and predictions. Early on as...
  5. ewok

    Dash holding assets

    What is the entity that would hold assets on behalf of Dash and its jurisdiction? i.e. Dash owns 50% of a company that is created through the funding process, where how are those shares held and or dividends etc?