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  1. mrearthbound

    WTS Selling 4 Baikal Giant A900 Miners

    Hello forum, I'm selling 4 Baikal Giant A900 miners. They have ~4 months of use and work fine. One of them has the internal power supply that powers the pi not delivering enough current, so I had to power it through the GPIO pins and using a 5V adapter, but other than that it's fine. I'm...
  2. mrearthbound

    Electrum multisig wallet

    Hey guys, I just downloaded the Electrum wallet on my PC and successfully created a 2/2 multisig wallet. The wallet created a master public key and asked for the cosigner's master public key. My partner created in Electrum a "Standard Wallet", and sent me the public key, in order to...
  3. mrearthbound

    New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

    I saw this video a few hours ago: Apparently, this Russian guy has put together a new ASIC that gives our 10.8 GH/s on Dash, leaving the Baikal A900 Giants way behind... Something unprecedented. The Russian guy says that it costs $9000 USD now (normally costs $25k). The comments (in Russian...
  4. mrearthbound

    Evolution Security

    Hello, I've seen the videos where Amanda says that Evolution is going to be like PayPal, as in, the user will only need a user name and password. And that you'd be able to access your account and send funds from multiple devices. How do these credentials relate to the public and private key of...
  5. mrearthbound

    Mining pools that actually work?

    Hello, I just got my new Giant A900 miner from Baikal and it's all set up from what I can tell. I've tried to join several minin pools, but the miner's web interface says the status = alive, but active = false. I've searched the recommended mining pools in the Dash mining pools page...
  6. mrearthbound

    Visit Dash offices in Skysong Innovation Center, Arizona

    I'll be in Arizona in a couple of weeks, and I'd love to visit Dash's office at the Skysong Center in Arizona. Is that a possibility? What are the logistics / requirements involved? I know there's an open house tomorrow, but I won't be able to attend, unfortunately.
  7. mrearthbound

    [noob question] Mining Dash with CPU

    I'm trying to mine Dash with my CPU. I'm trying to follow this tutorial, but it when downloading the github files, I don't see the .exes in the tutorial's screenshot. What am I missing? Do I have to build an executable based on the source code? Is there an built executable I can just download...