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    DRK Convention 2015 ...>>

    That's a great idea, but for now I agree with Fernando
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    What crypto/darknet news sites do you frequent?
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    R-Ando: My 22 last posts written on Darkcoin ANN have just been deleted by moderators

    It seems like that posts as "+1" have been deleted, I guess that they are considered useless
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    Minerd says 4 threads started using 'scrypt' algorithm

    What's your card/configuration/software version?
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    sgminer v5 troubles

    I have a similar problem with my R9 280x and 6850. With the R9 working, the 6850 produces about 80% of expected shares, but it's acceptable. I still haven't figured out the reason, maybe a driver problem when using cards with different chips
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    GPU clock and mem not taking the values I declare

    If you start a, intensive GPU software, e.g. a game, the clock goes back to the maximum? Anyway, what's the driver version you are using?
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    sgminer help - MSI 7950 Twin Frozer

    Well try also Display driver uninstaller to remove all ATI drivers (start windows in safe mode) and install latest 14.8 Catalyst. With 14.6 I got a few problems both with Sgminer than with other programs.
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    Best sgminer release for x11

    Yes it was about 2.2 mhash/s
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    Best sgminer release for x11

    My 280x is undervolted @1.070 mv (at default it is @1.200 mv) and I get 4.1/4.2 mhash/s with underclocked memory clocks
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    Missing DRK from

    I havent' reiceived a coin so everything ok?
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    I get 4.1 mh/s with my 280x, it's undervolted to keep it cooler but I think it's a quite good hashrate considering the card model
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    sgminer question

    You should post your config or bat file. Is sgminer updated to the latest version?
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    How profitable is mining currently?

    Well in latest days, Darkcoin price has dropped and difficulty has increased, so it's most likely that for now it's not profitable
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    Missing DRK from has shut down, no more mining on the official pool
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    A way to connect multiple GPUs via usb?

    Well the USB device isn't plugged in the PC's connects the riser to the PCI Express slot
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    "./kernel/", line 33: error

    Try with a different miner, e.g. sphsgminer
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    "./kernel/", line 33: error

    Copy the from the kernel folder to the miner folder. Which version of sgminer are you using?
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    A way to connect multiple GPUs via usb?

    I'm not sure if a usb can provide enough power to a GPU
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    Only 14.6 beta will add hashrate
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    (June 20th 2014) New AMD Sgminer !! Huge improvement!

    No source code?
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    Allora, probabilmente lo sai già ma il miner ha diverse versioni in base alle istruzioni supportate dal processore. Che processore possiedi?
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    E' la versione corretta del miner per il tuo processore?
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    Sì c'è modo di acquistarli, puoi comprare Bitcoin e scambiarli con i Darkcoin. Non so se esistono già dei siti che vendono Darkcoin in cambio di euro/dollari, probabilmente sì. Cerca nella sezione apposita del forum Exchanges
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    No lascia stare i notebook! Il mining richiede hardware abbastanza potente ma soprattutto richiede molta energia (i darkcoin meno dei bitcoin in ogni caso) che deve essere adeguatamente dissipata. Rischi di rovinare il tuo portatile in tempi brevi senza avere ritorni in termini di cryptomonete
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    Ho trovato questo: E' solo per il cpu mining, non per le schede video però...non posso garantire funzioni, su alcuni forum leggevo che è un virus!
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    Ah ecco, vedrai che su win 7 ti funzionerà
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    E l'errore ce l'hai su entrambi i pc?
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    Minare Darkcoin

    Risposto nell'altro thread :wink:
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    GUIDA: Mining su Windows

    Hai windows a 64 bit o 32? Perchè il miner necessità di windows 64 bit
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    0% mining fees at

    Noob question: why can I see my hashrate on but no shares are showed? Nor valid or's always 0 and I'm mining since 6 in the morning (it's now 8.18 here)
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    Mining DRK with two R9 280X GPUs

    Well I go 3.1 mhash with my Asus r9 280x dcuII (not a great ASIC value, about 65%) but I keep it undervolted&underclocked (RAM @4500 mhz) so it runs cooler and it consume less power, even if it's slower.
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    Mining DRK with two R9 280X GPUs

    Did you have the .cl file in the folder?
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    Mining DRK with two R9 280X GPUs

    I use -I 18 to have a bit more usable machine, and -g 2. I get about 3.1 mhash on my asus 280x with undervolted core and underclocked RAM frequency
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    290x vs gtx 780 ti

    Did you check the "Hashing speed" thread on the forum?
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    Need a bit of help AMD Radeon HD 5700

    I would try with -g 1 instead of -g 4. With -I 18 it will surely lag :wink:
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    [Help] How to start CGMiner for my 2 R9 280x dual and antminer

    Antminer cannot work to mine Darkcoin
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    Need help for mining with ASUS R7 260 1GD5

    setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx DISPLAY 0 sgminer -k x11mod -o stratum+tcp:// -u fra55.1 -p xxxx -I 18,17 -w 128,256 -g 1,2 --shaders 960,2048 --no-submit-stale --lookup-gap 2,2 First values (I 18, w 128 etc.) refer to a 6850 Gigabyte...
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    Need help for mining with ASUS R7 260 1GD5

    Try with -g 2 or -g 1, for my 6850 (1 GB ram) worked -g 1, otherwise I was getting 150 khash/s instead of 1020 khash/s
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    9x R9 280X waiting for work to be available form pools BOUNTY

    I got the same problem on, moved to mining.darckointalk pool and no problems so far.
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Well my efficiency was up to 99.5%, so no problems for me, but the pool efficiency was at 3%/4% which is really odd.