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    Pre-Proposal: Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorships 2018

    My only concern is when will someone be able to buy cannibis in a sore with dash?
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    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    I would rather see a beta version before funding this as this seems not to have a tangible return to the network. Yes it means less work for mno but we are compensated decently by the network to review proposals. Also automated voting makes me nervous. What is your experience with dash? Why...
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Start small and work to the get bigger threw slow growth not there 0-60.
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    What about dash direct. It is a project in Africa that gives a universal basic income from donations. May want to see how they run it.
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    I was robbed by dash

    So u are upset about 2 .10 usd to fee. Could u provide the wallet address?
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    Mining colocation

    Well a lot of data centers once you say crypto want a 6 month security deposit plus 2 years rent up front. Also thier fees are extremely high when you compare it to power costs.
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    Pre-Proposal: The Indeterminacy Festival and Immersive Decentralization

    Interesting. How have previous festivals been funded?
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    Pre-Proposal Poker/Twitch/Ambassador

    greencandle general has set milestones and once you hit a milestone they release the funds. So 25 dash a month. What is the planned distribution of these funds? I am uncertain this is good use of the budget. If you would of already had something going and proven result then 25 dash could be very...
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    Pre-Proposal Poker/Twitch/Ambassador

    For something like this I’d like to see 1-2 months at a time or use an escrow like Do you currently have a flowing on playing poker via twitch stream or will you be starting a new stream channel?
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    darkcoin pool fee back there

    This help u at all? They paid pplns 1% fee
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    Which masternodes voted and what exactly voted on various proposals.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put this data in a database then you could cross reference votes and stuff easier?
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    Warka Water tower for clean drinking water in Haiti

    This looks interesting how many people would be affected? How much would it be todo more then one?
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    What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency If You Get Hit By a Bus?

    I have 3 safety deposit boxes at 3 different banks. They each have a 1in binder with step by step instructions and contacts for 6 people I have know in crypto for about 8 years now. Also they each hold 1 third of my account seeds and 1 third of the private keys for some of my address that don’t...
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    I am amazed #masternodes

    We have dash ninja and dashcentral. Dashcentral has an app if I remember right.
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    Masternode owners!!

    You can monitor here.
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    Donating DASH from the budget to the Venezuelan people

    @demo new generations have the same problem they learn it from thier parents. A small percentage will learn hey I should save for tomorrow and create passive income but the majority want self gratification today. The newest generation in the us is the worst about this ever.
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    Donating DASH from the budget to the Venezuelan people

    @demo anyone can become rich. The question is what will they scrafice todo that. In the us if you take a simple 100 bucks a month and put it in a good index fund after 40 years you will have 1.1 million. One of the greatest issue are people who spend more then they have, don’t invest in...
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    Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Reddit Ads Update Thread

    I would think if we could have affiliate links for this project. Then the funds generated by those sign-ups are just added to the budget. Then thier wouldn’t be a real conflict of interest with it. Also then this project could partially pay for itself over the long term. We have a large budget...
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    payout every 10 days now?

    I would say more mns are making sure they don’t fall out of the payment que now.
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    [Pre-Proposal] DashBoost - Funding Small Projects By Sub-DAO

    It is going too cost 240 bucks to review a proposal why not set that as the fee for the petitioner then reviewing potential projects don’t affect the funds that can be used for projects. Cause at 50 a proposal some one could spam you and then cost 190 bucks each that could be spent on good projects.
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    Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Reddit Ads Update Thread

    Looks nice. That is kind of you to help out Jerry.
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    Dash Network Docs?

    Here are some videos Amanda did.
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    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    Ben you should look into Charlie Shrem and his failed debit card.
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    Stupid Developer Slaves. The budget full of advertising, but they keep working.

    True but we can only fund development to the level they request.
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    Stupid Developer Slaves. The budget full of advertising, but they keep working.

    If u would come to the dashverse from your universe you would know with the large dash price increase dash core has plenty of money to keep them afloat so they want do another proposal till they have spent all that dash they are sitting on.
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    MasterNode Scaling...

    Is thier internet configured to failover to a different provider automatically and ur static ips stay the same? Do they guarantee your bandwidth? Do they have power from 2 different transfer stations? Are they a tier 3 certified data Center? You want a high level dc if your gonna be running a mn...
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    So someone gave me an Antminer S1...

    If ur gonna run an s1 you might want to look at the undervolt thread on bitcointalk. It works pretty well I did it a few years back.
  28. F - masternode monitoring and budget voting

    @rango is the budget part broken? I notice after several hours my votes aren’t showing but can see them on dash ninja.
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    is super majority for the proposals unfair towards yes voters ??

    If we had more mn’s voting I could see a simple majority but right now at best only 20-30% of mns cast votes.
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    Pre-Proposal: Sole Sponsorship of Reality Check with Ben Swann & Ambassador

    8 days left for voting you could probably make it in this budget cycle we have an extra 5k dash.
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    Pre-Proposal: Cannabis Genomic Blockchain on DASH and CannMed 2018 Partnership

    How are you getting dash integrated with bitpay.
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    DASH is the crypto i want to endorse, but need a little help mining....

    You most likely want to wait for the next generation of x11 miner. Look at the payouts people post now.
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    Dash Masternode Collective [Pre-proposal]

    What will you do when evolution v3 comes out with trust less masternode shares? What is ur experience with dash? Do you currently own a mn? How do you plan to setup a mn if you Get less then 1000 dash contributed to it? How will you handle payments?
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    Follow the example of Litecoin

    Well feb March is the 7% block reward decrease June or so comes evolution. Also alt36 should be running some dispensary’s in first war.
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    Additional Network Layers and Governance v3

    May people on this forum don’t open files from unknown people you might what to add the contents to this thread.
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    payment queue

    Has ur mn been rebooted and dash’s not restarted? What are the specs of your vps? Does it show off line on dashninja?
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    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    So we need to generate block faster then one every 2.5 mins or we should increase the block reward so we can increase inflation? If these changes cause the price of dash to go down further should we then increase output more to ensure a miner roi?
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    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    So your saying that even if the miners got 100% of the block reward it wouldn’t be enough. So we need to increase the emission rate to ensure profitability.