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  1. Acedian

    Point of Sale Systems

    What are the viable point of sale (PoS) systems we have for Dash that I could use today? What ever happened to this one?
  2. Acedian

    WTS KeepKey Hardware Wallet (New) - UK only - £110 + pp

    For Sale: KeepKey: The Simple Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. New and Factory Sealed. £110 + £4 postage. I have 2 available. Dash is the preferred means of payment, although I would take PayPal for +3% (£117 Total)
  3. Acedian

    When would you sell your Dash masternode owner?

    When do you call it a day and retire from being a masternode owner? Most will only cash out partially. So, vote for the value before you stop hosting a masternode.
  4. Acedian

    12.2.x Adoption

    A thread to comment on the current transition from 12.1.x to 12.2.x. The update time frame for miners seems longer for this update than the 12.1 update. As for the masternodes, all seems to be going well, about the same as the migration to 12.1 anyway. There is always a drop in the...
  5. Acedian

    Past vs Future

    Give me your best...
  6. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Where can real time status information (On/Off) on sporks be found?
  7. Acedian

    Dash PoS without internet.

    Most people are connected to the internet all of the time and therefore this may not seem like a necessity. If, for whatever reason, you do not have an internet connection on your phone you would be unable to make a transaction. For example, if you are in a foreign country or are in an area...
  8. Acedian

    G2A - Global Digital Gaming Marketplace

    Hi Dash Community! I am a gamer. I also don't like paying more than I have to for my games. So, I often use I have found it to provide a very good service at competitive prices. I also like Dash (see badge). The issue is that G2A doesn't accept Dash! I have sent a message to G2A...
  9. Acedian

    Dash on Bitstamp?

    Due to its reputation I like to use Bitstamp. The only draw back is that I have to go DASH > LTC > Exchange (LTC for low tx fee). Do yo think we could lobby Bitstamp to add Dash? How should we go about this? Every exchange that adds Dash increases our reputation and exposure.
  10. Acedian

    Security of "Average Joe" Wallet

    I am concerned that as we approach mass adoption Dash theft will hurt our progress. What are the developers adding to reduce the risk to user's funds? A suggestion I would make is to add additional encryption security similar to VeraCrypt's PIM to user's wallets to help protect users with less...
  11. Acedian

    Hash Engineering Dash Wallet

    I am looking for a bit of information on this Android wallet. Firstly, is the wallet hierarchical deterministic? If not, how many addresses are backed up if I back up the wallet when I first install it? (No payments received yet) Secondly, is it essential to encrypt my phone to protect the...
  12. Acedian

    Is DASH Ninja down?

    I haven't been able to connect to for a week or so now. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know what is going on?
  13. Acedian

    25% Drop In 6 Days and No One Cares!

    So, Dash is down from ~$200 to ~$150 and there hasn't been a thread from anyone crying about the drop. Has the Dash community gotten over short term fluctuations and are only concerned about correct governance on the path to mass adoption? The number of masternodes seems relatively stable so...
  14. Acedian

    Development - Proposal Progress - Integration

    I would like to suggest a clear and concise approach for Dash. As it stands people interested in how Dash is developing have to look in many places and even then, might not find all the relevant information. An example; I wanted to know where the DashPayCard was in its development. I searched...
  15. Acedian

    InstantSend For Every Transaction?

    As we start down the path toward mass adoption I would like to suggest that all transactions become InstantSend transactions. When a "normal" person sends a Dash transaction we want them to have the best possible experience without the need to any specialist knowledge. Surely this means having...
  16. Acedian

    4400+ MN only about 1500 bother to vote.

    How can we encourage MNO to read and vote on proposals? If there is a sensible proposal that doesn't pass there is often little feed back as to why people voted No or didn't vote at all. Only a handful of MNO leave comments. Should the number of required Yes votes be reduced to encourage more...
  17. Acedian

    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard?

    I would like, as I am sure many do, an update on the progress of the DashPayCard. I am very eager to see this bad boy in action! :D The estimated time to release was 3 months. It has been 2 months now with no word on how the protect is going. I would like to hear from @CharlieShrem if...
  18. Acedian

    Existing Point of Sale Dash Integration

    As the title suggests I wish to discuss the best way to add Dash to existing Point of Sale (PoS) systems. In the UK a lot of of retailers already have SagePay devices or similar that has a display capable of presenting a QR code. The hardware is already in place then. All we need to do is...
  19. Acedian

    WTS KeepKey - New/Sealed - UK only - £100

    For Sale: KeepKey: The Simple Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. £100 + £4 postage. I have 2 available. Dash is the preferred means of payment.
  20. Acedian


    I have recently bought a little NEM and plan to start harvesting. The wallet interface is quite different to all other cryptos I have used and it already has features that I am expecting from evolution. For example; you can add notes/labels to transactions which are send as part of the...
  21. Acedian

    Cheapest, Easiest Exchange/Service For GBP

    I am in the UK. Does anyone know of a service that is cheap and easy to use when exchanging GBP to Dash? If so, please give total fee charged and any other relevant information.
  22. Acedian

    Refund Proposal Fee.

    For governance questions and failed proposals, I feel that the proposal fee should be refunded if the question/proposal was sensible. An example; "Reduce Proposal Fees to 1 Dash" looks like it will fail, yet has had close to equal "Yes" and "No" votes. I don't think anyone wants the proposer to...
  23. Acedian

    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    An active proposal is looking to reduce the proposal fee to 0.1 Dash. Here is the DashCentral link: Please read and vote if you are a masternode owner. I am not the proposer, I would just like to spread the word. The proposal...
  24. Acedian

    Hardware wallets in Europe.

    Does anyone know the best place to buy a hardware wallet, Trezor, KeepKey, etc, in Europe?
  25. Acedian

    Reduction in proposal fee to 1 Dash (Pre-Proposal)

    With regard to the current USD price of Dash, I think the proposal fee should be reduced to 1 Dash. Without this change, I feel that opportunities will be missed. This is because a high proposal cost will discourage submitting of anything but "guaranteed" proposals. The 5 Dash fee was...
  26. Acedian

    Dash Block Size Future

    Bitcoins blockchain size is more than 100GB. This will discourage full nodes. Dash pays full nodes (masternodes) this will help to retain then. But, if dash gets mass adoption the block size will grow at a ridiculous rate and VPS providers may not be able to provide an affordable service. Are...
  27. Acedian

    How to stop receiving alert emails.

    Hi, I can find the settings to just turn off alerts. I can't find the settings that control what email notifications about alerts are sent to me. Could someone point me in the right direction?