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  1. Acedian

    Moocowmoo's Magic Masternode Maker

    I have just set up a masternode with your service after a, 6 month or so, sabbatical :D @moocowmoo You are some sort of genus. I am happy that Dash has you. The hosting setup process was so easy and quick I am still in shock. Keep up the bovine work!
  2. Acedian

    Point of Sale Systems

    What are the viable point of sale (PoS) systems we have for Dash that I could use today? What ever happened to this one?
  3. Acedian

    WTT I will pay in Dash for you to make a purchase for me

    Never fear, I am still here :)
  4. Acedian

    WTS KeepKey Hardware Wallet (New) - UK only - £110 + pp

    Price reduction. Now only £100 + pp.
  5. Acedian

    Past vs Future

    You sound like a Bitcoin apologist :p
  6. Acedian

    This is the only major cryptocurrency afloat in a sea of red

    True, OP may have not given the whole story. When Dash was +20% and many of it's competitors were -10%. A -2% correction seems negligible to me. Moreover, Dash is already back in the green.
  7. Acedian

    WTS KeepKey Hardware Wallet (New) - UK only - £110 + pp

    For Sale: KeepKey: The Simple Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. New and Factory Sealed. £110 + £4 postage. I have 2 available. Dash is the preferred means of payment, although I would take PayPal for +3% (£117 Total)
  8. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Thank you good Sir.
  9. Acedian

    When would you sell your Dash masternode owner?

    I would expect nothing less Mr. demo.
  10. Acedian

    When would you sell your Dash masternode owner?

    When do you call it a day and retire from being a masternode owner? Most will only cash out partially. So, vote for the value before you stop hosting a masternode.
  11. Acedian


    There has always been issues with mining hardware retailers. I haven't look in to this too much, but, wouldn't Proof of Stake be an answer?
  12. Acedian

    Version 12.2 release

    The core team is expanding constantly. Treasury budget is 6651.85 Dash per month. So, at 400 USD per Dash, that is 2,660,740 USD. In the US a software dev makes like 5500 USD a month. Based on that, we could employ about 484 people. Is that what you are saying we need?
  13. Acedian

    Streaming the Dash Blockchain to the whole Planet from Geosynchronous Satellites

    I am sure you are correct, but stooping to the same level will undermine your own position. May I ask, do you believe in Dash?
  14. Acedian

    Streaming the Dash Blockchain to the whole Planet from Geosynchronous Satellites

    Why not switch to Bitcoin, I have heard they have it all sorted :p You don't agree with some of the successful proposals, I understand that! I don't agree with them all. But, resorting to ad hominem attacks will devalue the useful ideas that you present.
  15. Acedian

    12.2.x Adoption

    When will it be safe to enforce 12.2.x and stop paying people living in the past?
  16. Acedian

    12.2.x Adoption

    Does anyone have the information solely on miner adoption?
  17. Acedian

    12.2.x Adoption

    A thread to comment on the current transition from 12.1.x to 12.2.x. The update time frame for miners seems longer for this update than the 12.1 update. As for the masternodes, all seems to be going well, about the same as the migration to 12.1 anyway. There is always a drop in the...
  18. Acedian

    Suggestion: A "General Discussions" where only Masternode Owners can see and post.

    I'm so sick of the tension Sick of the hunger Sick of you acting like I owe you this Find another place to feed your greed While I find a place to rest
  19. Acedian

    Streaming the Dash Blockchain to the whole Planet from Geosynchronous Satellites

    Sorry this doesn't read well. I did just copy/pasta from Google.
  20. Acedian

    Streaming the Dash Blockchain to the whole Planet from Geosynchronous Satellites

    Elon Musk's SpaceX plans to send the first of its 4,425 super-fast internet satellites into space in 2019. SpaceX will begin to launch internet satellites into orbit in 2019. It is part of its plan to put 4,425 satellites into space. SpaceX will launch a prototype satellite before the end of...
  21. Acedian

    Please i need help getting buck my dash thank you

    That address has a balance of 0. What wallet were you using?
  22. Acedian

    Version 12.2 release

    That can sometimes be a bug, check elsewhere before issuing a new start or you may lose position in queue.
  23. Acedian

    BTC/BCH drama = Dash awareness?

    As @Mark Mason said in 3 Amigos Podcast; Dash is the biggest thing no one is talking about. If the few people move to Dash form BTC/BCH will it really matter? Dash will be in the hands of billions soon enough.
  24. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Also, Can PrivateSend be turned on/off by a spork?
  25. Acedian

    Past vs Future

    Give me your best...
  26. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Thanks @Balych But, is there a site that gives this info? Not everyone will have the means to run this command every time they want to see what is going on.
  27. Acedian

    Current Spork Status.

    Where can real time status information (On/Off) on sporks be found?
  28. Acedian

    Where is Charlie Shrem's DashPayCard?

    So, is @CharlieShrem incompetent or a crook?
  29. Acedian

    Version 12.2 release

    I have been there...but there is just a flat line at 0. I am to understand 0 miners have updated?
  30. Acedian

    Version 12.2 release

    Where is the data for the number of miners that have updated?
  31. Acedian

    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    As always, a quick response to a given issue. Thanks Bertrand. Then again we employ you now, so you're just doing your job I guess :D
  32. Acedian

    Pre-Proposal :Update Skype Interviews And YouTube TV Show About Dash in Arabic for the Egypte Market

    I like these small projects that educate and spread awareness of Dash. I know there are a lot of this type of video out there, but they get lost over time and information is updated. Therefore I am happy to continue funding "remakes". Please look at the final costings again, $10k+ seems a...
  33. Acedian

    WTS Want Airbnb Giftcard, will send you Dash!!!

    Hi, What is your reason for not directly purchasing yourself?
  34. Acedian

    Dash PoS without internet.

    No, not quite. Only a signed transaction that can forwarded to the network. Your private key would remain private.
  35. Acedian

    Dash PoS without internet.

    Most people are connected to the internet all of the time and therefore this may not seem like a necessity. If, for whatever reason, you do not have an internet connection on your phone you would be unable to make a transaction. For example, if you are in a foreign country or are in an area...
  36. Acedian | Dash to Debit Card

    Fees have been reduced to (for a free account) $7.99 +1%. I have tested this site and everything worked as described. When compared to an exchange, the fees and time scales involved are slightly better.
  37. Acedian

    G2A - Global Digital Gaming Marketplace

    Hi Dash Community! I am a gamer. I also don't like paying more than I have to for my games. So, I often use I have found it to provide a very good service at competitive prices. I also like Dash (see badge). The issue is that G2A doesn't accept Dash! I have sent a message to G2A...
  38. Acedian

    New Masternodecoin (Airdrop) Get in early!

    Is this a piss take? I think this is a piss take. I mean it is quite funny, but can't tell if serious or...