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    Pre-proposal: Browser based, global, real-time strategy game, powered by Dash.

    Pre-proposal: Browser based real-time strategy game, powered by Dash. Google Docs version of this proposal can be found here. Project description We’re creating a browser based real-time strategy game appealing to casual and serious gamers alike. Players are tasked with navigating a...
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    Masternode doesn't get payed anymore 6d+

    Hey guys, so my MN hasn't been payed since almost 7 days now and I'm begging to wondering if there's anything wrong with it. Or is enforcement off again? It seems like miners don't pay the MNs they are supposed to:
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    Masternode keeps dropping off the MN list

    Hey everyone, so I've been running my MN almost since day 1 on testnet, when there where no payments at all. And I had some issues here and there, but nothing I couldn't fix. But since v16 I can't get my Masternode to work properly anymore. I tried everything I could think of myself and...