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  1. Grupo.certus

    Evaluation TOOL for MASTERNODES

    Hello everyone! The following tool aims to help MNOs in the evaluation of proposals submitted to the DAO. Due to the low prices of Dash, it is key to demand high levels of quality in the projects to be approved, in order to guarantee the best use of resources...
  2. Grupo.certus

    What is happening with the Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Venezuela?

    On April 26, within the Expo Venezuela Power 2018, the Government of Venezuela authorized and certified 16 exchange houses to operate with cryptocurrencies. This action was made as part of the opening and regulations of the Venezuelan Government towards the ecosystem, which includes the launch...
  3. Grupo.certus

    Google trends predicts the price of bitcoins?

    guys, what do you think of this article?, I read it and I found it interesting