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    Please Help, Masternode Keeps going into Watchdog Mode

    Hi. Im a new masternode owner and ive been having a hell of a time with this. My masternode recently has been going offline every few hours with the watchdog issue. Here is what I have. Sentinel - returning no errors Dashman - Loading up and working fine. I attempted to install the dash...
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    Dash On Coinbase Rumors

    Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on DASH being added to coinbase. There are rumors going around and much speculations. My calculated estimation and bet are that Bitmain and Coinbase have an agreement, also with Roger Ver being a part of it who is a big-time private miner. They decided...
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    WTS D3 for sale with price negotiable

    Hey guys We ordered a large shipment of D3 19.3ghz and our colocation facility has backfired. We have 250 units and we are taking offers. PM me if interested. The more units you buy the better we are willing to reduce the price.